Dressing the Kids for School Without Breaking the Wallet

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Many schools have implemented the uniform system so that their students do not compete. The uniform system eases the financial burden for parents, and it cuts down on cases of teasing and bullying of children who do not fit in with the latest fashion trends. Some schools have not adopted the uniform system, however. Some parents still have to try their best to keep their children looking presentable and trendy without breaking their wallets. The following are some tips for getting school clothes for the children on a budget:

Visit Discount Department Stores and Sites
Discount department stores are facilities that offer consumer’s prices that are lower than the prices of merchandise at most places. Walmart is an example of a discount department store. A parent can purchase a wealth of shirts and pants from that store for the children. Sneaker King is an example of a discount shoe store. Parents can purchase some amazing kids New Balance sneakers from that store.

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Back to School Shopping with Staples


My kids start school this coming Wednesday. They are excited to find out who their teachers are and to explore their new classrooms. My kindergartener and 1st grader don’t need much for school, but every student needs school supplies. This back-to-school season, check out Staples.

f8cfbaab5c217426c9e17b4a43a8dc8eb1d4d1b8_1Staples currently has a 110% price match guarantee. Staples with price match items sold and shipped by Amazon.com or any retailer that sells the same brand, both online and in store. So why 110%? Staples will give you an additional 10% off the difference between their price and the competitors price. Staples also offers a back-to-school Less List which features iconic back-to-school products that are low price all season long to help families save money.


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Pack a Waste-Free Lunch for Back to School

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My daughter is excited to be starting school this fall. Kindergarten is a big step and I know she is ready to go to school like her big brother. As I prepare for school, I know one of the most important things is a lunch box. Last year I packed my son’s lunch every single day, with a few exceptions. I also packed my daughter’s lunch for preschool. I ALWAYS used non-disposable products! Too many plastic bags and bottles are tossed in the trash every day.



Kids Konserve, a part of U-Konserve, offers reusable and safe food storage solutions. From lunch bags to ice packs to water bottles to containers, Kids Konserve has your little one covered for waste-free lunches at school. They have a wide variety of products for everyone in your family.


Pack a Waste-Free Lunch for Back to School ~Kids Konserve


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