Essential Oils

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I was first introduced to essential oils two years ago. Since then I have been using the oils in my everyday life. My whole family uses oils on a daily basis. I resolved to just buying oils but have recently decided to become a sell the oils myslef. I truly believe that these oils can change your life. I try to live as naturally as possible, and essential oils play a big part in that. If you have any questions about oils or how to make a career out of selling them, contact me at brittlebyscorner (at)




When I was first introduced to essential oils, I heard comments about people using them everyday and I didn’t understand how they did that. Now that I have been using oils for 2 years, I can say that I use oils everyday and I cannot imagine my life any other way.


I have used the oils to relieve tension in my body, alleviate itchiness and skin irritation, and ease ear discomfort. There are many things you can do with essential oils! Since I try to keep chemicals out of my house, I have chosen to go a more natural method when it comes to my family’s health. You can also make cleaning products with the oils!


If you are interested in purchasing some essential oils to start your journey, contact me at brittlebyscorner (at) Stay tuned for recipes and DIY projects with essential oils. Hopefully you will come to love them as much as I do!



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