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Green Moms Network


I am a proud member of the Green Moms Network! If you are a blogger and interested in natural and eco-friendly living, then join us. We have monthly giveaway hops and blog carnivals. As well as Twitter and Google+ chats.


Here are the themes for 2014:

January 2014: Green Resolutions

January 14-30: Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop

January 14: Green Resolutions Google+ Party

January 23: Green Resolutions Blog Carnival

January 28: Green Resolutions Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #GreenResolutions


February 2014: Natural Beauty

February 4-18: Naturally Beautiful Giveaway Hop

February 11: Natural Beauty Google+ Party

February 20: Natural Beauty Blog Carnival

February 25: Natural Beauty Twitter Chat

Hastag: #NaturalBeauty


March 2014: Fitness

March 4-18: Spring Into Fitness Giveaway Hop

March 11: Fitting in Fitness Google+ Party

March 20: Fitting in Fitness Blog Carnival

March 30-31: Green Spring Clean Giveaway Hop

March 25: Fitting in Fitness Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #SpringFitness #GreenClean


April: 2014: Honor the Earth

April 1-22: Honor the Earth Giveaway Hop

April 8: Honor the Earth Google+ Party

April 17: Honor the Earth Blog Carnival

April 22: Honor the Earth Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #HonorEarth


May 2014: Green Moms

May 1-10: Green Your Mom Giveaway Hop

May 6: Green Moms Google+ Party

May 15: Green Moms Blog Carnival

May 20: Green Moms Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #GreenMoms


June 2014: Eco-Friendly Summer

June 3-21: Eco-Friendly Summer Giveaway Hop

June 10: Eco-Friendly Summer Google+ Party

June 19: Eco-Friendly Summer Blog Carnival

June 24: Eco-Friendly Summer Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #EcoFriendlySummer


July 2014: Made in the USA

July 1-15: Made in the USA Giveaway Hop

July 8: Made in the USA Google+ Party

July 17: Made in the USA Blog Carnival

July 22: Made in the USA Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #USAMade


August 2014: Green Back to School

August 5-19: Green Your School Year Giveaway Hop

August 12: Green Your School Year Google+ Party

August 21: Green Your School Year Blog Carnival

August 26: Green Your School Year Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #GreenSchool


September 2014: Family Preparedness

September 2-16: Family Preparedness Giveaway Hop

September 9: Family Preparedness Google+ Party

September 18: Family Preparedness Blog Carnival

September 23: Family Preparedness Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #FamilyPreparedness


October 2014: Advocating for Our Food Supply

October 1-15: Giveaway Hop

October 14: Advocating for Our Food Supply Google+ Party

October 16: Advocating for Our Food Supply Blog Carnival

October 28: Advocating for Our Food Supply Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #FoodAdvocate


November 2014: Handmade/Eco-Friendly Holidays

November 4-25: Handmade/Eco-Friendly Holidays Giveaway Hop

November 11: Handmade/Eco-Friendly Holidays Google+ Party

November 20: Handmade/Eco-Friendly Holidays Blog Carnival

November 25: Handmade/Eco-Friendly Holidays Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #EcoFriendlyHolidays


December 2014: Staying Healthy Naturally

December 2-16: Naturally Healthy Giveaway Hop

December 9: Staying Healthy Naturally Google+ Party

December 18: Staying Healthy Naturally Blog Carnival

December 23: Staying Healthy Naturally Twitter Chat

Hashtag: #NaturallyHealthy


If you are interested in joining our Free Network, head over HERE to sign up and gain access to our website and Facebook Page.