Mission Statement

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So I think it is about time that I share my goals and mission statement for my blog.


As a blogger, I realize that I have the power to be influential in what I choose to blog about. That said, I try my hardest to only share about products and companies that I believe are doing their best to promote a healthy and happy world. Sometimes I make mistakes and sometimes I change my mind. I want to encourage you to make decisions that you are happy with. I want to encourage you to look into companies and products on your own if you have questions or concerns.


As a blogger, I promise to never judge you for the decisions and lifestyle you choose to live. We are all different and try to live life the only way we believe how. This is not black and white. We are all different! I promise to never make you feel bad for doing the things you do. I will share with you how I feel and things I have chosen to do, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only way to do it.


My blog is mostly focused on being “green” and eco-friendly. This is a passion for me and my family. I strive to live up to my ideals. I get excited when I find new companies that live up to being eco-friendly. I want my readers to be introduced to these companies as well.


I am also a mother, so I will share about kid stuff too! I am a woman, so if there is something important that I think other woman should know, then I will share it! I cover a lot of topics, but my main passion is living an eco-friendly lifestyle.


I enjoy blogging!


My goals for 2013

  • Do less product reviews
  • Do more DIY crafts/recipes
  • Share about my personal views/beliefs on being green
  • Share about more eco-friendly companies