Pack a Waste-Free Lunch for Back to School

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion.


My daughter is excited to be starting school this fall. Kindergarten is a big step and I know she is ready to go to school like her big brother. As I prepare for school, I know one of the most important things is a lunch box. Last year I packed my son’s lunch every single day, with a few exceptions. I also packed my daughter’s lunch for preschool. I ALWAYS used non-disposable products! Too many plastic bags and bottles are tossed in the trash every day.



Kids Konserve, a part of U-Konserve, offers reusable and safe food storage solutions. From lunch bags to ice packs to water bottles to containers, Kids Konserve has your little one covered for waste-free lunches at school. They have a wide variety of products for everyone in your family.


Pack a Waste-Free Lunch for Back to School ~Kids Konserve


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SnapSac ~ Cool Tote {Review} #HonorEarth



I am so excited to be reviewing another SnapSac Tote! Interested in my first review? Read my review about the SnapSac Tote Bundle Set here! Remember how my 2 year old daughter could fit in the Mega Tote? I love reusable bags and I love that SnapSac’s are so stylish! I currently use the Petite Tote for my kids diaper bag!


I was given the opportunity to review the Neutral Cool Tote from SnapSac! The Cool Tote is SnapSac’s version of a cooler! The Cool Tote has a leakproof lining that can hold up to 3 pounds of ice to keep your food and drinks cold for 3-5 hours. The Cool Tote Measures 10″w x 12″h x 7″g. The bag is made up of four layers: the outer fabric is made from non woven polypropylene, then there is insulated foam, then reflective aluminum and lastly, the leakproof PVC lining. Some of its’ features are: leakprook lining, insulated fabric, zipper closure, and side pocket with snap closer. Make sure you keep the tote upright and it can be easy wiped clean.


The Cool Tote is perfect for picnics, an overnight getaway, a day out with the kids…the list can go on and on. It’s always nice to have cold drinks and to be able to keep sandwiches and other perishables cold and fresh. One major difference between the Cool Tote and any other cooler, is that, like with every other SnapSac, it can be folded up to take up less space when not in use! That is an amazing feature that all SnapSac totes share: easy storage! As I have stated before, I love using reusable bags and it was nice to try out the Cool Tote!


hipster with carryall


I used the Cool Tote Just the other day to keep my lunch cold while I worked all day! It kept my food fresh and the ice pack stayed frozen for most of the day! SnapSac has a lunch tote that would also work well for this job, but the Cool Tote is larger and meant to mimic an ice chest or cooler. Since it can hold so much ice (3 pounds) it could even be used as an ice bucket for a party! Oh the many things you can do with a SnapSac!


Overall, I once again love my SnapSac tote! I look forward to using it for our trips to the beach, our picnics at the park and so many more things! I have also used the Cool Tote to keep food cold on my way home from the grocery store! I can’t wait to try out every single one of their bags!!!
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