Clean Yourself Naturally with Cream of Coco Bar Soap + Add Some Sweetness to your Life with SweetLeaf

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion.


What do bar soap and liquid stevia have in common? Wisdom Natural Brands! This company has created a sustainable all-natural soap bar as well as a liquid stevia brand, SweetLeaf.


Cream of Coco is a sustainable soap that is made of simple and pure ingredeints. The main ingredeint, pure Mbocaya nut oil, comes from the Paraguayan Coco Tree. The tree produces Mbocaya nuts that taste like tiny coconuts. The Paraguayan Coco Tree is part of the palm family. Cream of Coco soap uses every part of the Mbocaya fruit so there is no waste.


Cream of Coco All Natural Soap


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