Holiday Gift Guide ~ Love Cooking Company Bakeware {+ Discount}

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Holiday season is finally here, which means bring on the parties and celebrations! I eat more sweets this time of year than the rest of the year combined. This year I will be making my sweet treats with Love Cooking Company bakeware. They offer a wide variety of products. If you have a baker in your family, consider these reasonably priced bakeware pieces for a holiday gift.



Love Cooking Company has set out with a mission to make baking a simple task. Partnered with some great names in the baking and entertainment industries, Love has crafted bakeware that helps you easily achieve the best-looking baked goods on the table, from filled cakes to bite-size desserts and more.
The PushPan is a 100% watertight and leak-proof cake pan with a patented silicone-lined removable base making it perfect for cheesecakes, pies and more! An alternative to a spring-form pan, you simply place the pan on something sturdy, press the sides down, and voila – the perfect cake! The PushPan also comes with a 25 year warranty .



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Holiday Gift Guide ~ Libre Tea Glass + Discount

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We all want to lead healthy, active lives and inspire our families and friends – enjoy a tea moment anywhere anytime with the stylish and convenient solution for teas, herbs and fruit infusions ‘on the go’.

The Libre Tea Glass is a pretty and practical choice for convenient leaf tea ‘on the go’. Its removable filter keeps all the leaves, or the bag, in the glass away from your mouth – great for fruits or soothing herbal elixirs. You can create your own flavorful beverage and enjoy. Wonderful herbal teas are a great way to wind down at the end of a long day. Our ‘how to video’ shows 3 ways to use and brew tea.


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GlobeIn Artisan Box ~ A Monthly Subscription Service of Handmade Fair Trade Products from Around the World

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If anyone ever gifted me a monthly subscription box, I would be ecstatic! I love trying out new products and being exposed to new companies and products. Of course there are some companies whose mission for sustainability and eco-friendliness outweigh others. GlobeIn is one of those amazing companies that is committed to artisan-made products from around the world that are Fair Trade and made with sustainable sources.


Globe In Artisan Box

GlobeIn has an online shop where you can purchase these products that are made all around the world, but they also have a monthly Artisan Box. The box features a new theme every month.

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Encourage Healthy Eating for Picky Eaters with Pick-Ease {+ a Giveaway} Ends 11/2

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I am so grateful that my kids are not that picky of eaters. There are certain things each of children won’t eat, but overall, they try most things. Pick-Ease was created with the idea of making eating time more enjoyable for kids.




Shaped like a “toothpick” Pick-Ease is a new utensil for young kids. Making food fun to pick up encourages kids to eat it, even if they are picky eaters. Pick-Ease comes in variety packs with different colors and designs on the handles.


Pick-Ease Make Mealtime Fun for Picky Eaters


Pick-Ease was created by Melissa, a mom to two young boys. Her second child became a picky eater so she was putting everything on toothpicks to get his attention. Her picky eater enjoyed eating the small food that was on the toothpicks. Melissa soon realized that other parents were doing the same thing. Pick-Ease was the solution for safe and fun eating.


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Remove One Step from your Morning Routine with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio #LiveWithGusto

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


Mornings are busy. With two kids that go to school, I am always rushing to get lunches made and get them to school, while I am heading to work. Once I drop my kids off, I am headed straight to work. There is no time to stop.



I am not much of a hot coffee drinker, but I do enjoy iced and blended coffees. I would never consider stopping on my way to work because I wouldn’t have time to wait in line. But now I have the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio coffee maker at home and I can make a drink in less than a minute!


The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio is a compact single serve machine. It’s 21 oz. water reservoir can make 3 drinks before it needs to be refilled. With a custom scroll wheel and the ability to stop and start flow, the user can customize how strong they want their beverage to be. The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio also has an automatic turn off switch that will turn the machine off after 20 minutes of no use for safety and energy conservation.


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Organize Your Kitchen with MagicMil Chalkboard Labels

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There are things and times in my life, where I wish I was more organized. I like the way my house looks when everything is in it’s place and put away. Although I do have a habit of stacking stuff, I would love for everything in my house to have it’s own place!


In my kitchen I love the way my bulk items look in glass jars and containers. I don’t like my pantry littered with bags. Mason jars and other reusable jars are prettier and more effective at keeping balance in my pantry. In the past I have written on my jars and containers with sharpies, but I wanted them to look prettier.


Chalkboard Labels for Organizing the Home



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Ceramic Chef’s Knife from Savvy Living

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Last summer before we moved from our house to our apartment, I had a garage sale to to get rid of all the extra stuff we couldn’t bring with us. One thing I got rid of was our huge knife set that sat out on the counter. The knives were already 7 years old and since I only used about half of them, I decided to get rid of the whole set and start a new collection in our apartment. Well a year has passed and I have barely made it by using random hand-me-down knives. I realized that I only really need one really great knife!
Ceramic NanoRazor Knife


In searching for a great knife, I came across Savvy Living’s ceramic knives. Their 6 inch NanoRazor chef’s knife is super sharp and stays sharp for 3+ years. The black ceramic blade was forged under more than 100 tons of pressure, and over 11500º C to make it stronger and less porous than other ceramic blades. That means that food particles, bacteria, and viruses don’t stick to it. The blade is triple polished for a smooth finish and a razor sharp edge. It also comes with a protective sleeve to help extend the blade’s life time.
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Use the Best Nut Milk Bag to Make Homemade Almond Milk


I make Almond milk for my family a couple of times a week. I would rather make my own almond milk than buy it from the store. Store bought milk comes with preservatives and other added ingredients. When I make it there are just three simple ingredients: almonds, water, and honey (or a few dates).


Homemade Almond Milk Recipe ~ Brittleby's Corner

 Here is my Almond Milk Recipe.


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Handheld Veggie Spiral Slicer

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


Last summer my mom showed me her coolest kitchen gadget: a contraption that slices veggies into noodles and other small pieces. I thought it was amazing and I knew I wanted one, but I didn’t have the space to store something like this in my kitchen. We made a delicious zucchini pasta with the spiral cut pieces. When I saw a simpler version of the spiral slicer, I knew it was a must have.


The SuperSwizz Spiral Slicer is a hand held gadget that is easy to use. With two size options, you manually twist the veggie, such as cucumber, carrots, zucchini, etc. and you ends up with perfectly cut spiral slices.




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It’s Christmas Baker’s Edition {Giveaway Event} Ends 12/9



It’s Christmas Baker’s Edition Giveaway Event

Organized by: Mom Powered Media. Co-hosted by: Shannon’s View from Here, My Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Life, Joans 5 Star Reviews, Sweetphi, Mommy Kat and Kids and Naturally Frugalicious.


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