Natural Laundry Powder for Cloth Diapers

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion.


I used to cloth diaper both of my kids. Washing those dirty diapers was not the funnest thing to do, but a frequent necessity. Finding the right detergent was always on my mind. I no longer use cloth diapers since my kids are potty trained. Just because my kids are potty trained, doesn’t mean we don’t have the occasional accident.


Earlier this year I was able to review Molly’s Suds Laundry Detergent and I am happy to announce that they just released a special cloth diaper detergent! Molly’s Suds is a wonderful company dedicated to creating all natural laundry and cleaning products. I was actually able to meet up with them at Expo West Earlier this year. I was interested in their Cloth Diaper Powder because not every detergent is able to get out the ammonia smell left behind in clothes and sheets after an accident.


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Spring Into Cloth Diaper {Giveaway Event} Ends 4/26



Welcome to The Spring Into Cloth Diaper Event!!!

Hosted by: Everything Mommyhood

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Molly’s Suds All Natural Laundry Products

 Product was sent to me in order to post my honest opinion.


Doing the laundry is not a task I look forward to! With a family of four, it seems that we rack up a lot of dirty laundry. I can’t imagine what it looks like with families with more than two kids! Anyways, there is no getting out of doing laundry, so I choose to find the best detergent. In my quest to live a greener lifestyle, I prefer to use detergent with few, yet effective ingredients.



Molly’s Suds, a mom owned company, has created all natural laundry products. I feel like I am on the same journey as Monica and her family. She one day realized that buying just organic produce was not the answer. Chemicals are apparent in every cleaner and bath & body product. Upon this realization, Monica decided to create her own laundry detergent since it is used by everyone on a daily basis. If you have a moment read the “Our Story” section of the website to learn more about Monica’s journey.


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Rockin Green Detergent ~ Great for Cleaning Cloth Diapers and More


The washing machine seems to be running constantly in my house! My youngest is just out of diapers, but we are in the process of potty training, so there are accidents that I need to be cleaned up after, in addition to the rest of the laundry!


Rockin' Green


I had heard so many great things about Rockin Green, that I had to try it out myself, even though I was near the end of my cloth diapering stage. One thing I especially love is their scents and their names, all scents are made with 100% natural essential oils and are organic.

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