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 Product was sent to me in order to post my honest opinion.


Doing the laundry is not a task I look forward to! With a family of four, it seems that we rack up a lot of dirty laundry. I can’t imagine what it looks like with families with more than two kids! Anyways, there is no getting out of doing laundry, so I choose to find the best detergent. In my quest to live a greener lifestyle, I prefer to use detergent with few, yet effective ingredients.



Molly’s Suds, a mom owned company, has created all natural laundry products. I feel like I am on the same journey as Monica and her family. She one day realized that buying just organic produce was not the answer. Chemicals are apparent in every cleaner and bath & body product. Upon this realization, Monica decided to create her own laundry detergent since it is used by everyone on a daily basis. If you have a moment read the “Our Story” section of the website to learn more about Monica’s journey.


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Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls {Review} #GreenClean

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion. 
LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls


Toss Loo Hoo wool dryer balls into the dryer with your wet laundry

to naturally soften clothes and help reduce drying time allowing you to



Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls are made in Maine with local, lanolin-rich wool. Wool dryer balls are ideal for all laundry, even cloth diapers and baby clothes. They naturally soften fabric while reducing static cling. They are natural and eco-freindly. They help circulate and separate clothing as it dries. The more wool dryer balls you use, the less time it takes to dry a load of laundry. If you use 6-8 wool dryer balls, you can reduce drying time by 10-25%!


“Wool is used because of its incredible properties including the ability to:

help reduce static – wool fibers can absorb static cling

naturally soften clothes due to the friction of the balls against the fabric

makes clothes fresher and smell cleaner – since wool has the ability

to absorb toxins and odors”


This picture to the left shows two dryer balls! The one on the top has been used for a continuous 18 months and the one on the bottom is brand new! As you can see there is a slight difference, but what you can really see is that these dryer balls will last a very long time. Cyndi, the creator of Loo Hoos, has been using colored and natural wool dryer balls in her dryer for almost 2 years and has never experienced any running colors! Each Loo Hoo is about the size of a tennis ball and weighs 2 oz.


Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls ~ Green Your Laundry


Cyndi generously sent me 4 Loo Hoos to try out…I love the colors! They came is this beautiful reusable bag! I first used my Loo Hoos in a cloth wipes load! My daughter is in the process of potty training, so there were just a couple of cloth diapers in there, but I still use cloth wipes often, especially to clean her up after accidents!!!! One benefit of Loo Hoos that I am really excited about is the reduction of static cling! We live in a very windy city and static shock is a daily occurrence!



 Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls ~ Green Your Laundry



I don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets and sometimes my clothes come out of the dryer stuck together! I was so excited to see that the Loo Hoos helped! There was no static cling in my super soft cloth wipe load! (I had the 4 Loo Hoos in there along with 2 other wool dryer balls, 2 other balls, and 2 cloth dryer sheets…I finally think that my dryer is happy!) I think one thing to note is that the more dryer balls your have, the better. With what I had before I had Loo Hoos, my drying time was not cut down by that much. Eventually I would love to replace all my dryer “items” with wool dryer balls, they make the most sense to me! I also used Loo Hoos in the dryer with a normal load of my clothes! The drying time was cut down, and the clothes themselves felt soft and had no static cling. That makes for one happy mama/wife!


You can buy Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls online! A 3 pack is $22.50, a 5 pack is $36.25, and an individual is $8. These prices may seem high, especially all at once, but when you consider that you won’t need to buy dryer sheets or fabric softener, and that the drying time will be cut down, you are saving a lot of money in the end. These balls can last for years! Also, when you consider the cost of being “green,” you are saving your family from contact with harsh chemicals from dryer sheets and softeners, as well as decreasing your carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of energy used for drying time. Taking all of that into consideration, it is well worth investing in dryer balls! Also, you are supporting a mom made company, as well as a US (Maine) made product!


Overall, I think that Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls are a wise investment! There are no harmful chemicals left behind on your clothes and these dryer balls double as fabric softener and reduce static cling! I recommend Loo Hoos to anyone who is looking to “green” their laundry routine!


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