Natural Laundry Powder for Cloth Diapers

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion.


I used to cloth diaper both of my kids. Washing those dirty diapers was not the funnest thing to do, but a frequent necessity. Finding the right detergent was always on my mind. I no longer use cloth diapers since my kids are potty trained. Just because my kids are potty trained, doesn’t mean we don’t have the occasional accident.


Earlier this year I was able to review Molly’s Suds Laundry Detergent and I am happy to announce that they just released a special cloth diaper detergent! Molly’s Suds is a wonderful company dedicated to creating all natural laundry and cleaning products. I was actually able to meet up with them at Expo West Earlier this year. I was interested in their Cloth Diaper Powder because not every detergent is able to get out the ammonia smell left behind in clothes and sheets after an accident.


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