Hemp Is Good for the Body

I was sent product to review in order to give my honest opinion.


As I explore a more natural and healthy diet, I have encountered numerous companies that make products that I have previously never heard of or used. Hemp Hearts is one of those products. Before this year, I couldn’t tell you what a Hemp heart was or why people ate them. Now I find ways to use them every week.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Logo


Manitoba Harvest was started by a man who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and wanted his body to feel complete and whole. Hemp hearts taste kind of nutty and can be added to pretty much anything. You can sprinkle them on cereal, yogurt, salads, oatmeal and more. Or you can blend them into your favorite smoothie!

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Pure Leaf Iced Tea for Hot Summer Days: Recipes & Tips

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pure Leaf. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”


My favorite drink in the summer is iced tea. In fact, my favorite drink all year is iced tea! I prefer to drink it unsweetened with a slice of lemon or lime, but every now and then I enjoy a bottle of sweetened or flavored tea. Pure Leaf has recently launched two Not So Sweet ice teas to add to their line. Pure Leaf uses fresh, ripe tea leaves picked from China, India, Africa and South America for their distinctive and smooth flavor by Pure Leaf’s Master Tea Blenders. Pure Leaf is proud to be Rainforest Alliance Certified™ for sourcing tea sustainably. Their packaging is also sustainable. It is made with PET plastic, which makes the bottles lighter and allows for high pallet efficiency, which means lighter loads and less fuel used in transport. The PET plastic is 100% recyclable. Pure Leaf Tea Bottles come in 18.5-oz. and 59-oz. carafe plastic bottles.


Pure Leaf Summer Iced Tea Recipes and Tips


The two new Not Too Sweet teas are Not Too Sweet Peach Tea and Not Too Sweet Honey Green Tea.  Both are light and only contain 45 calories per 8-oz. serving. Like I said before, I prefer unsweetened tea, but these tasted really good. I love the taste of sweet peach and green tea. My favorite form of hot tea is green tea with lemon and honey, so I was basically given the cold version! YUM!



The remaining teas are:

• Unsweetened Iced Tea: Simple black tea…my favorite ~ 0 calories per 8-oz. serving

• Sweetened Iced Tea: Black tea sweetened with all-natural sugar ~ 70 calories per 8-oz. serving

• Extra Sweet Iced Tea: Reminiscent of a Southern sweet tea ~ 110 calories per 8-oz. serving

• Iced Tea With Raspberry: Black tea with tart berry ~ 80 calories per 8-oz. serving

• Iced Tea With Peach: Black tea with sweet peach ~ 80 calories per 8-oz. serving {Also available in diet ~ 0 calories per 8-oz. serving}

• Iced Tea With Lemon: Classic black tea with lemon ~ 70 calories per 8-oz. serving {Also available in diet ~ 0 calories per 8-oz. serving}


Summer has been so hot that I have really enjoyed sampling these teas. You don’t have to drink the tea straight from the bottle, you can turn it into a cocktail or just jazz it up with some fruit and herbs! Here are some Pure Leaf recipes to try out this summer!

Pure Leaf-Inspired Cocktails




2 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

10 slices cucumber (about 1/4-inch thick)

2 slices lime (about 1/4-inch thick)

Pinch ground red pepper

1 bottle Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Honey Green Tea

Crush cucumber, lime and red pepper with wooden spoon in 1-quart glass measuring cup. Stir in Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Honey Green Tea. Strain and serve in ice-filled glasses. Garnish, if desired, with additional cucumber and lime.

For a cocktail version, simply add 1/4 cup vodka.




2 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

1/4 cup blueberries

5 large fresh basil leaves

1 bottle Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Peach Tea

Crush blueberries and basil with wooden spoon in 1-quart glass measuring cup. Stir in Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Peach Tea. Strain and serve in ice-filled glasses. Garnish, if desired, with additional blueberries and basil.

For a pitcher, simply double the recipe.

For a cocktail version, simply add 1/4 cup light rum.




2 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

3 slices fresh ginger, about 1/8-inch thick

2 sprigs fresh thyme

1 bottle Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Peach Tea

Crush ginger and thyme with wooden spoon in 1-quart glass measuring cup. Stir in Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Peach Tea. Strain and serve in ice-filled glasses. Garnish, if desired, with additional ginger and thyme.

For a pitcher, simply double the recipe.

For a cocktail version, simply add 1/4 cup bourbon whiskey.




1 serving

Prep Time: 5 minutes

2 ounces of Pure Leaf™ Lemon Iced Tea

2 ounces pomegranate juice

In shaker filled with ice, add all ingredients. Shake well, then strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish, if desired, with lemon peel.

Serving suggestion: Moisten rim of chilled martini glass with lemon wedge, then coat with colored sugar.



Strawberry Black Peppercorn Peach Tea

2 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

2 tsp. black peppercorns

6 strawberries

1 bottle Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Peach Tea

Crush peppercorns with wooden spoon in 1-quart glass measuring cup. Add strawberries and mash well. Stir in Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Peach Tea. Strain and serve in ice-filled glasses. Garnish, if desired, with additional sliced strawberries.

*Substitution: Instead of peppercorns, simply add 1/8 teaspoon finely ground black pepper.

For a cocktail version, simply add 1 cup chilled sparkling wine after straining.




Minted Melon Iced Honey Green Tea

2 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

6 chunks honeydew melon, about 1-1/2 inches square

15 large fresh mint leaves

1 bottle Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Honey Green Tea

Crush honeydew and mint with wooden spoon in 1-quart glass measuring cup. Stir in Pure Leaf™ Not Too Sweet Honey Green Tea. Strain and serve over ice. Garnish, if desired, with additional honeydew and mint sprigs.

For a pitcher, simply double the recipe.

For a cocktail version, simply add 1/4 cup vodka.



Pure Leaf has partnered with Ted Allen of Chopped to showcase different unique food and beverage pairings for any meal.


Ted Allen’s Summer Entertaining Tips


1. On summertime refreshments:

Summertime is party time, and nothing says celebration like cocktails—and mocktails! A splash of vodka (or not) in Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, along with some fresh cherries, an ounce of elderflower liqueur, and some fresh mint—or, if you’re adventuresome, fresh basil—makes for a great, refreshing, showy treat!


2. On Pure Leaf Not Too Sweet flavors:

The clean, crisp refreshment of Pure Leaf Not Too Sweet is perfect for lightly seasoned, light fare like salads, shrimp, and other delicate foods—compliments them without overwhelming them.


3. On hosting a barbecue:

When you’re barbecuing, make it easier on yourself by prepping ahead with side dishes that don’t need to be heated: Bean salads, pasta salads, even a panzanella bread salad are easy to make ahead, and that frees you up to be the Grill Master.


4. Idea for Labor Day party:

It’s your last chance of the summer to wear white—so throw a White Party! Serve white beans, white asparagus, white Belgian beer, and be sure to tuck a napkin into your collar before eating.


5. On pairing with tea (a tip he’s sharing at a special pairings seminar at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen):

The delicate, refreshing flavor of tea pairs beautifully with almost any food. Think of its abilities to clean your palate of rich, sweet flavors, and to compliment more delicate ones. Offer a range of teas—sweet, unsweetened, not-too-sweet, peach—to give your guests choices, then serve with interesting garnishes (cherries, kiwi, blood orange, Meyer lemon, and a selection of herbs).


6. On dinner parties:

Nobody wants to hear themselves chewing at a dinner party, so don’t let “dead air” happen at yours! For a fun ambience, the music must never stop. Develop a playlist of elegant background music—no surprises like heavy metal or John Philip Sousa. My go-to is Chet Baker.


So now you have the recipes and tips on how to enjoy summer with Pure Leaf Iced Tea! Look for Pure Leaf at your local store.


Connect with Pure Leaf on .



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Kids Multi Calm Tropical Smoothie Recipe {Featuring Natural Vitality}


Hopefully you have entered to win the $60 GC to Natural Vitality already, but if you haven’t, go HERE.


I wanted to feature another recipe using Natural Vitality supplements. My first recipe was using their Calm magnesium anti-stress drink mix. I called it my After a Good Morning Run Calm Drink. It was yummy and now I want it every morning!


Using the Natural Kids Calm Multi I made a smoothie for my kids. Kids Calm Multi contains over 24 organic fruits and veggies, omega-3  DHA & EPA, vitamins & minerals, magnesium, calcium and amino acids. So much good stuff packed into this liquid supplement.


Kids Calm Tropical Smoothie Recipe {w/ Natural Vitality}

Kids Calm Tropical Smoothie {2 servings}

8 fl. oz. of water {you can also use juice or milk}

2 tablespoons Natural Kids Calm Multi

8-10 organic frozen strawberries {I bought mine fresh and froze them}


Put it all in a blender and blend till smooth and no chunks are left. This recipe can be altered to use any fruit, or even fresh fruit and some ice. I prefer to use water because the strawberries are sweet enough on their own. I have two young kids, ages 3 & 5, so they don’t need a large smoothie. If you have an older child than this recipe can serve one, just follow the serving size on the Natural Kids Calm Multi.


I love that my kids enjoy smoothie’s like this that aren’t full of ice cream or juice because they get enough sweetness from the fruit. I also don’t like to put yogurt in smoothies because my kids like to have yogurt for lunch and I like to limit yogurt to once a day.


Natural Vitality provides a variety of natural and organic supplements that the American diet is lacking. You can read my full review HERE.

Natural Vitality ~ Providing Essential Vitamins & Minerals That Everybody Should Be Taking {+ A Recipe}

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion.



At Expo West I met up with Natural Vitality and I am currently promoting them in a Mother’s Day giveaway. They are a vitamin supplement company unlike any other. Their focus is aimed at the inadequacy of the American diet and supplementing the needed vitamins and minerals that everybody needs for a healthy life.


They offer a variety of products including Calm, which is a magnesium supplement. This drink mix is aimed as an anti-stress drink. Calm is made with organic ingredients and comes in four flavors. The best part is that there are many recipes out there turning Calm into a fun drink. Not many people are aware of their magnesium intake, but it is vital to a healthy life. Magnesium supports heart health, stress management, bone health, women’s health, children’s health, athletic performance, and energy production & storage. Magnesium is vital to muscular contraction and monitoring of heart rate & blood pressure.


Here is my Calm recipe:

After a Good Morning Run Calm Drink Recipe

After a Good Morning Run Calm Drink Recipe

8 fl. oz. coconut water

1-2 tsp. Calm in the flavor of your choice {I used Cherry}

4 oz. orange juice

Just mix it all together!

I thought this drink was delicious! After my morning runs, I am always looking for a way to replace electrolytes, hence where the coconut water comes in. The added Calm incorporates much needed magnesium that has many benefits. The fresh OJ just blends it together and it tastes so yummy! There are many combinations of drinks you can make with Calm, so come up with your own today.


I was also sent the Natural Kids Calm Multi. I made a smoothie for my kids with it and I will share the recipe tomorrow. I was also sent the Plant Sourced Minerals. This is part of their plant sourced Foodiceuticals line and is purified-water extraction of soluble plant-derived minerals. The Plant Sourced Minerals provides more than 70 plant-based, small particle, bioavailable life-sustaining trace minerals! WOW! I am just glad it tastes good. It comes in a Green Apple flavor that is organic, so you can just mix it with water or juice. I think it would taste great mixed with apple juice since it already tastes like apple, but I have only tried it with water.


The best thing about Natural Vitality products is that you only need a little. Their products aren’t watered down!


You can buy all these Natural Vitality Products and more online.


Connect with Natural Vitality on , , and .


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Simply Wonderful Lavender Lemonade {Recipe}


I love lemonade, especially when it is homemade! I was able to pick to huge bag-fulls of lemons off their Meyer Lemon tree this last week. It has inspired some creativity! I am going to experiment with the lemons and try to make some home cleaners and recipes with the whole lemon, utilizing both the juice and the peel!




  • 2 cups of freshly juiced lemons {preferably organic}
  • 5 cups water {divided}
  • Lavender buds {or the whole head of buds}
  • Sugar {you choose what works best for you!}


Start by juicing the lemons till you have 2 cups! Heat up water and measure out 2 cups. Pour 1 tablespoon of lavender buds into the hot water. {In my picture you will see yellow with the lavender, it is a lemon peel. Unfortunately, I left it in too long and I could taste the bitterness of the peel, so maybe do without the peel.} Pour your sugar choice in the hot water as well and let it dissolve. I actually used Stevia for the first time in this and I think I used 5-6 Tablespoons and it doesn’t taste super sweet. Sugar options would be agave, refined sugar, honey, whatever you want. Mix most of the sugar with the warm water so it dissolves, but feel free to add more to your finished product to sweeten to your likeness. After the lavender has steeped for 5-10 minutes, use a strainer as your pour the hot water into the lemon juice. Add three more cups of water to the pitcher and mix.




  • Feel free to use more than one tablespoon of lavender. In this recipe it is subtle.
  • If you don’t have separated lavender buds, you can pick lavender from your yard. I just throw in the whole flower section, green part and all!
  • You can steep mint as well to make a mint lavender lemonade or just use it as garnish! Or use basil!
  • Experiment with sweeteners and how sweet you want it! I personally like my lemonade a little sour!


Now you have Lavender Lemonade! Enjoy!


Tasty Popcorn Recipes {Snacktime Saturday}


My kids love to snack at night, so I make popcorn to satisfy the cravings! I don’t buy popcorn in a bag and toss it in the microwave. I buy organic corn kernels and pop them on the stove!


I have two kinds of popcorn recipes to share: one savory and one sweet.



Add oil {whatever oil you prefer} to a pan and let it heat up on high. I then add in 1/3 to 1/4 cup kernels. Place the lid back on and let it continue to heat up. Shake the pan around a little. Once the kernels start popping, shake the pan more vigerously. When the popping slows down turn the heat off and keep shaking till you don’t hear any more popping. Be careful when you remove the lid because some may still be popping and will jump right out of the pan. I then add the popped corn to a bowl.



To make the popcorn savory I normally use canola oil. Once in the bowl, I will drizzle with olive oil and nutritional yeast. Gently shake the bowl to coat evenly. I do not measure the nutritional yeast out, but I love the way it tastes so I always pour in a lot! You can also add a little salt, but it isn’t necessary because the nutritional yeast is a little salty tasting.




To make the popcorn sweet, I normally use coconut oil. Once in the bowl, I drizzle more coconut oil over the popcorn along with a chocolate sugar mixture. Gently shake the bowl to coat evenly. To make the chocolate sugar mixture, I take one part cocoa powder to three parts sugar, I also add some cinnamon, but that can be left out if you prefer. Since I make this popcorn at least once a week, I make a large amount at once and store it in a mason jar. When I need it, I just shake out the desired amount.




YUM! My whole family loves popcorn and I am glad that I can make this popcorn without butter and salt. Popcorn can be enjoyed in a healthy way without being plain and boring!


I am linking up with Snacktime Saturday this week over at Crunchy Farm Baby and Young Nesters.


Do you make popcorn? Have any popcorn toppings/recipes you would like to share? I would love to try something new!



Tomato~Basil Summer Pasta {Recipe}



I made pasta for dinner last night, but with the summer heat, hot pasta is not as appetizing! Instead I cool the pasta off and serve it cold or lukewarm with just a couple ingredients from the garden.


Summer Pasta
Recipe type: Main
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2-4
Fresh summer pasta
  • pasta noodles
  • large organic tomato
  • basil
  • sea salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • mozzarella or Parmesan cheese {optional}
  1. Cook pasta according to package directions {omit salt}.
  2. Chop up tomato into bite size pieces. Cut up the basil.
  3. Drain pasta and rinse off. You can let it cool off or serve lukewarm.
  4. Add tomato, basil, and sea salt to the pasta. Pour in desired amount of olive oil. Toss together. Top with cheese if desired.


I used home grown tomatoes and basil! This meal is so simple to make and tastes great with just a little bit of salt and olive oil! I used Bari Basil infused olive oil, which gave it extra flavor! Enjoy!


I am linking up with Delicious Dish Tuesday! Head on over and check out all the great recipes!



Israeli Couscous Mexican Salad




If you have noticed a theme, I love Mexican food. This recipe is very similar to the Mexican Quinoa Salad, but the grain gives a very different taste. I think when I was originally introduced to both of these salads, they were very different, but I took ideas from both and combined them. To be honest, if I could choose just one to eat, it would be this one! I think quinoa is better for you, but I love the way the Isreali couscous tastes in this mix.


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Israeli Couscous Mexican Salad
Recipe type: Main
Serves: 4
  • 1 cup Israeli Couscous
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped into bite size pieces
  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 heaping cup of frozen organic yellow corn
  • handful of sliced tomatoes
  • handful of chopped cilantro
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • green salsa
  • 1 avocado chopped into bite size pieces
  1. Cook the Israeli Couscous according to the package directions.
  2. Once cooked, add black beans and frozen corn to hot pot to warm up.
  3. In a large bowl combine the red bell pepper, tomatoes, cilantro, salsa and lime juice. Mix together. Add the Israeli Couscous mixture and toss together.
  4. Season with salt and pepper. Taste and adjust lime juice and salsa if needed. Before serving, add chopped avocado.



Healthy Breakfast Drink ~ Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Smoothie {Recipe}


With the summer heat, my bananas have started to turn ripe quickly! I decided to whip up a breakfast smoothie for the kids and myself.



Here is everything you will need to make a banana, peanut butter, chocolate breakfast smoothie.


Start by adding ice to a blender and about three very ripe bananas. My little helpers added the bananas!

Then I add a large spoonful of organic smooth peanut butter.

Next add a heaping spoonful of organic (fairly traded) cocoa powder

I normally make the smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, but we were trying out this vanilla Flaxmilk. It adds a little vanilla flavor!

***Also add a spoonful of flax if you have it***

Blend it up!

We all enjoy this healthy breakfast treat!

I am going to be linking up with Mama Chocolate for Delicious Dish Tuesday!

Come check out all the great recipes!

Do you Chia?



Have you ever used chia? I have used it in a few recipes, as well as an egg substitute. Chia contains ALA, alpha-linolenic acid, which is an Omega-3 essential fatty acid that supports heart health and fiber which supports normal functioning of the digestive tract. Chia seeds are easily digestible and don’t have to be ground.


A suggested serving is 1 tablespoon a day. One way to make sure you get this is to add Chia to iced tea or any other drink. Place 1 tablespoon chia seeds in 1/3 cup water and let sit for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. That’s it! Just add it to juice or tea and enjoy. It took me a while to get used to it, they kind of taste like tiny boba. I have learned to just swallow instead of chew on the seeds.




Do you chia?