Pack a GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce for an On the Go Snack

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My kids would eat applesauce with every meal if I let them. I prefer to give them applesauce that is unsweetened and only contains one ingredient: apples. During apple season, I like to make my own applesauce and jar it. I send it to school with my kids in reusable pouches.



My kids bring a snack with them to school everyday. At their first recess they are encouraged to eat a health snack. My kids always request applesauce. GoGo SqueeZ is a popular brand and one my children are fond of. They offer a variety of flavors and even an organic line. Their original line includes 12 flavors, but they also have a fruit & veggies line with 4 flavors and an organic line with 7 flavors.


Pouch Line up-12 flavors


The GoGo SqueeZ pouch is re-closable, which means that if a child chooses to to not finish their applesauce in one sitting, then they can save it for later. The squeezable pouch also reduces the need for a spoon and allows for a mess-free situation!


After they have been used, the pouches and lids can be used for crafts and projects. You also have the option to upcycle your pouch by sending it into Terracyle. You can find out more here:


GoGo SqueeZ ~ Applesauce on the Go


My kids were thrilled when I told them that I was getting some GoGo squeeZ pouches for them. We were given the opportunity to try 3 different flavors: Apple Apple, Apple Pineapple, and Pedal Pedal Peach. Both Apple Apple and Apple Pineapple are apart of the Original line. Pedal Pedal Peach is apart of the Fruit & Veggiez line and is made up of apple, peach, and sweet potato.


While GoGo squeeZ makes a great snack on the go, it works well as a snack for school I love the idea of freezing the applesauce pouch and putting it in the lunch box to keep everything cold. It will defrost by lunch time while keeping the lunch tasting fresh. Take the pouches on a car ride for a quick mess-free snack. There are so many options and so many flavors to choose from.


You can find GoGo squeeZ at your local supermarket or online. Connect with GoGo squeeZ on , , , and .


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