Eco-Foil ~ Eco-Friendly Foil Containers {Review} #EarthDay

Have you ever brought a new mom or a sick family a nice hot home cooked meal? Have you ever delivered the food in glass and plastic containers that need to be returned when they are done? I find myself in these situations often. At times, I insist that people don’t need to return my plastic containers, but most people insist and therefore leave me feeling guilty that they have to clean my stuff while they should be taking care of someone else!!!


I was introduced to Eco-Foil, which is a company that produces foil pans and was created by a company called Hand-Foil. The pans are made from 100% recycled aluminum and the lids are made from 100% recycled plastic.  They are also made in the USA.


“Eco-Foil is a revolutionary new foilware product designed to give consumers like you a convenient and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint, live greener lifestyles, and do your part for the environment! Not only is it made from 100% recycled aluminum, but it is also 100% recyclable after use — making it part of a phenomenon called “closed-loop recycling.” When you purchase and use recycled Eco-Foil products, and then put them in your recycling bin to get recycled again, you complete the cycle — the aluminum is then re-made into another new recycled pan … and the cycle just goes on and on and on!”


I hate creating waste! I recycle everything and try to buy things that don’t even have much waste to begin with! I never use plastic utensils or paper plates, even for parties! There are times though, that I need something like a foil pan! Since I use them to bring people food or for a potluck at church, these pans are the perfect fit! Knowing that they are very eco-friendly, eases my mind when I use them!


I was given a King Roaster Pan, 2 13×9 cake pans and 3 small square cake pans to review. The cake pans are perfect for bringing people dinner! I am not sure what I am going to do with my roaster since I don’t cook meat, but I might use it for our church’s Easter brunch! The roaster pan is HUGE, but I guess I can make a very large egg dish!!!


I brought a new mom and her family a tray of enchiladas last week and I used the 13×9 pan! It was so nice to have this on hand and I feel good knowing that the pan will be recycled and used to create another foil pan! I have a few more dinners set up over the next couple of weeks and I will definitely be using these pans!


Overall, I feel at ease using Eco-Foil. I try to create less waste, but there are times when disposable items are convenient! I am glad to have found an eco-friendly alternative version of the beloved foil pan!


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Giveaway Hops!

Have you heard of blog hops? Especially giveaway hops? Instead of blogs hosting their own giveaway at their own time, they join together in a blog hop with a specific theme, during a specific time frame. This allows followers from one blog to easily enter the giveaway from another blog that is part of the event!


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PottyCover ~ Perfect for the Potty Trainer and Young Children

My daughter is in the process of potty training! When I am at home, I put her in underwear but when I am out of the house I use a pull-up because she is not consistent. Ironically, she always wants to use the potty when we are out of the house! I am glad that she is excited to use the potty but at the same time I am not thrilled about her using public restrooms! She is so small that she could fall in the toilet and she holds on to the lid in order to keep her balance!

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L’BRI ~ Pure N’ Natural Hair, Bath & Body Products



Come Meet L’BRI: L’BRI was founded by Linda and Brian Kaminski in 1998. Philosophically, they wanted to provide quality, affordable aloe vera-based skin care, beauty, and nutritional products, as well as to share the “joy” of positive, prosperous, healthy living with others. At L’BRI Pure n Natural, P&L; stands for People and Love, not Profit and Loss. L’BRI’s goal is to provide quality, aloe-based skin care, beauty care, and nutritional products at affordable prices, while sharing the joy of positive, healthy living. Beautiful and healthy skin does not just happen. Skin deserves to be pampered, protected, and nourished with a daily regimen that leads to a youthful, glowing complexion. Aloe vera makes the difference and that is why aloe is the First Ingredient in L’BRI’s complete line of Skin Care products.


Here are some quick points to get to know L’BRI Pure n’ Natural All L’BRI Pure n’ Natural body, hair and skin care products contain:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Miller, instead of water, is the first ingredient
  • Natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are used
  • Advanced Alpha Hydroxy fruit acids (10%) are released in a special, slow delivery system, which is proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin clarity
  • An abundance of deep ocean seaweed and other anti-oxidants protect the skin from free radical damage
  • A blend of natural essential oils and synergistic herbal extracts are significant ingredients


L’BRI Pure n’ Natural hair, body and skin care products are:

  • Never use (SLS) sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol
  • Never use mineral oil, lanolins, or waxes
  • Never use artificial colors or fragrances
  • Never tested on animals
  • Effective for all skin types: normal, oily, dry, men, and women.
  • Backed by the L’BRI Pure n’ Natural 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Personal Review: Heather from Full Price? Never! was lucky enough to get to try many of the L’BRI products. More from Heather ” I was thrilled to get to try out some new skin care items. My first impression when I opened the package was how luxurious they looked. These are the type of products you would find at a spa! Which lead me to the idea of giving myself a little facial. I was very pleased with the results. Everything smelled great and left my skin feeling clean and pampered! These would make a wonderful gift. I love that Aloe is the first ingredient in L’BRI products and that they are cruelty free. My two favorite products were the Rejuvenating Facial Peel and Facial Masque. You could actually see a positive difference in my skin the first time I used them… like a new layer of skin had instantly emerged… that made me glow. ” FREE SAMPLES Did you know that most people who try L’BRI end up becoming life long customers. L’BRI is offering you all a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL OFFER {you pay s/h}! Your selection of free L’BRI Pure n’ Natural samples include the cleanser, freshener, and moisturizer contained in a Customized Skin Care Trio, Eye Repair Gel, instant face lift Facial Masque, Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub and Rejuvenating Enzyme Facial Peel. Sample sizes are for a 7 to 10 day supply. Pictured below is the sample collection.


Check out L’BRI

Organic Marshmallow Honey Face Cream {Review} #HoneyBeeHolistics

  Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion. 


Honey Bee Holisitcs was created by Melissa Carr, who wanted to be a stay at home mom! She decided to start her business before she had kids in order to be able to stay at home once she began having kids. Now that she has a family, she continues to create new products for Honey Bee Holisitcs.



“Everything I sell is handmade by me and is made with wild-harvested herbs or herbs that I grow on site here on our shared farmland in the valleys of the Cascade Mountains. I will never use any chemicals or preservatives, EVER! Only pure ingredients that are safe for my family and yours! If I wouldn’t use it, I won’t sell it!  My goal is to provide you with fresh made Organic health, beauty and household products that are free of  harmful parabens, petroleum derivatives, and chemicals.”


I was invited to try out a couple products for Honey Bee Holistics! Today I am going to sharing about Organic Marshmallow Honey Face Cream!


“This calming face cream contains organic Marshmallow Root to help heal and soften sensitive facial skin while calming redness. Organic Jojoba oil improves skin’s elasticity plus is noncomedogenic and Organic Calendula heals chapped, dried skin. Ideal for children’s sensitive skin!”


I moisturize my face on a daily basis and feel dried out when I don’t! This product is definitely a cream, which is a little heavier than lotion. I normally use a cream on my face at night and lotion in the morning. In order to try this product out as much as possible, I used this cream day and night! It made my face feel super soft. My face still felt soft after applying the cream at night, and then taking a shower! That really impressed me. In the future I will probably use it as a night cream or when I know I will be home for the day without makeup! I did put makeup on once after applying the cream and I had no issue with it, but for me personally, I like having just a light moisturizer on my face with all the added makeup and sunscreen for the day!



I love that this product is made out of organic ingredients. What I put on my body is very important to me! I mostly use natural and organic products, so this cream fit right in with my daily routine. I also loved that the cream contained micro flecks of ingredients, it makes it appear so natural and unprocessed. I also love the natural smell, it’s not sweet which is what I was thinking with the word “marshmallow” in the name! I also put this on my daughter’s face. She is 2 and loves lotion. We live in a very dry city so this is perfect for her. Again, I love that I am only putting natural and organic products on my daughter’s skin.


I recommend this product to anyone who likes using facial creams and Organic products! I also recommend this product for children as a daily moisturizer! This cream will leave your face feeling very moisturized and soft. I occasionally experience redness on my face, but not right now! I am so glad that I have this to try out when my face decides to act up!


In my personal opinion, great selling points for this cream are: Organic, softens skin, cream, great for kids, made by a woman/mom, made from home grown ingredients, and great for sensitive skin!


Overall, I enjoyed being a product tester for Honey Bee Holisitcs! The Organic Marshmallow Honey Face Cream is a great moisturizer and facial softener! This first product was amazing and I am so glad to try out more products throughout the year and share them with you.


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Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls {Review} #GreenClean

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion. 
LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls


Toss Loo Hoo wool dryer balls into the dryer with your wet laundry

to naturally soften clothes and help reduce drying time allowing you to



Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls are made in Maine with local, lanolin-rich wool. Wool dryer balls are ideal for all laundry, even cloth diapers and baby clothes. They naturally soften fabric while reducing static cling. They are natural and eco-freindly. They help circulate and separate clothing as it dries. The more wool dryer balls you use, the less time it takes to dry a load of laundry. If you use 6-8 wool dryer balls, you can reduce drying time by 10-25%!


“Wool is used because of its incredible properties including the ability to:

help reduce static – wool fibers can absorb static cling

naturally soften clothes due to the friction of the balls against the fabric

makes clothes fresher and smell cleaner – since wool has the ability

to absorb toxins and odors”


This picture to the left shows two dryer balls! The one on the top has been used for a continuous 18 months and the one on the bottom is brand new! As you can see there is a slight difference, but what you can really see is that these dryer balls will last a very long time. Cyndi, the creator of Loo Hoos, has been using colored and natural wool dryer balls in her dryer for almost 2 years and has never experienced any running colors! Each Loo Hoo is about the size of a tennis ball and weighs 2 oz.


Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls ~ Green Your Laundry


Cyndi generously sent me 4 Loo Hoos to try out…I love the colors! They came is this beautiful reusable bag! I first used my Loo Hoos in a cloth wipes load! My daughter is in the process of potty training, so there were just a couple of cloth diapers in there, but I still use cloth wipes often, especially to clean her up after accidents!!!! One benefit of Loo Hoos that I am really excited about is the reduction of static cling! We live in a very windy city and static shock is a daily occurrence!



 Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls ~ Green Your Laundry



I don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets and sometimes my clothes come out of the dryer stuck together! I was so excited to see that the Loo Hoos helped! There was no static cling in my super soft cloth wipe load! (I had the 4 Loo Hoos in there along with 2 other wool dryer balls, 2 other balls, and 2 cloth dryer sheets…I finally think that my dryer is happy!) I think one thing to note is that the more dryer balls your have, the better. With what I had before I had Loo Hoos, my drying time was not cut down by that much. Eventually I would love to replace all my dryer “items” with wool dryer balls, they make the most sense to me! I also used Loo Hoos in the dryer with a normal load of my clothes! The drying time was cut down, and the clothes themselves felt soft and had no static cling. That makes for one happy mama/wife!


You can buy Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls online! A 3 pack is $22.50, a 5 pack is $36.25, and an individual is $8. These prices may seem high, especially all at once, but when you consider that you won’t need to buy dryer sheets or fabric softener, and that the drying time will be cut down, you are saving a lot of money in the end. These balls can last for years! Also, when you consider the cost of being “green,” you are saving your family from contact with harsh chemicals from dryer sheets and softeners, as well as decreasing your carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of energy used for drying time. Taking all of that into consideration, it is well worth investing in dryer balls! Also, you are supporting a mom made company, as well as a US (Maine) made product!


Overall, I think that Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls are a wise investment! There are no harmful chemicals left behind on your clothes and these dryer balls double as fabric softener and reduce static cling! I recommend Loo Hoos to anyone who is looking to “green” their laundry routine!


Connect with Loo Hoo on and .


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TigTagz 4 kIDz ~ Identification Bracelets {Review}

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion. 


TigTagz are Identification Bracelets for kids that can be personalized with names and phone numbers, as well as double as Medical ID bracelets. TigTagz was created by a mom who was concerned that her daughter wouldn’t remember her cell phone number if she ever got lost!



Tig Tagz are tear-proof, sweat-proof, and water-resistant! They can come personalized online or sent to you blank to personalize yourself with a “fine-tip” permanent or ballpoint pen. These bracelets all come with a cute design as well!


Tig Tagz also does fundraisers! They have teamed up with organizations and moms to create the perfect bracelet for their group. Tig Tagz are willing to work with you to create the perfect design for your bracelets! For more info go here! They have even teamed up with charities to create Bracelets for a Cause!


I have two young kids! My son can remember his address but we really haven’t taught him any phone numbers! My daughter is 2 and she doesn’t remember anything! It’s good to memorize important information, but it’s true that in a moment of panic, if they are lost, they might not remember all this information. My children do not have any allergies or special needs that need to be present on them at all times, but since my kids are little, I think these tags would be great for day trips!


My daughter, showing off her bracelet!

I was sent some blank bracelets with designs that would please both my son and daughter! My daughter was so excited to wear one, my son not-so-much! I think the next time I need to make more hype for my son so he is exited to wear it. My family is planning a trip to the zoo in a couple of weeks and these tags will be perfect for our day trip! I like having blank bracelets for my kids because then I can personalize everything to the specific day and event, and who is with them! Having these bracelets gives me a peace of mind that my child will be returned to me if they wander off!


I was sent a sampling of their bracelets in a variety of designs!


Connect with Tig Tagz on and Twitter.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Knork ~ Functional Flatware {Review}


KNORK enhances the dining experience by integrating a fork with the functionality of a knife built in. And they are AWESOME!



Innovative creativity can come from anywhere. And that is what happened the day Mike Miller went to a pizzeria with friends and struggled to eat pizza neatly with a normal fork—while trying to impress the ladies joining them for dinner. He noticed an employee using a pizza slicer, imagined how that functionality could exist on his fork, and the rest is flatware history. KNORK Flatware is ergonomically designed to correctly fit the way we naturally eat. Its patented design combines innovation and function to produce a complete line of modern flatware designed with comfort, style and stability in mind. Each piece features attributes unique to KNORK including smooth stem fingertip platforms, ergonomic shape and a heavier, balanced design that won’t bend or fall from a plate.


Knork Flatware adds another dimension to flatware – design with purpose. Knork is a brand with modern innovative products, unique design and practical function. Our flatware is the favorite of several world-renown chefs and is also used in culinary competitions on Bravo TV’s “Top Chef All-Stars Season 8” show and “Top Chef Texas”. Knork Flatware is the exclusive silverware for the first annual Los Angeles Food and Wine Event. Restaurants using Knork include Stefan Richter’s Stefan’s at LA Farm, Chef Ludo Lefebvre LudoBites8 in LA, and Richard Blais’ FLiP Burger. iNG in Chicago, Food Network Chef Chris Cosentino’s PIGG in LA, Reef and Stella Sola in Houston as well as many other acclaimed restaurants across the country also use Knork. Knork has been featured on the Food Network’s Unwrapped, Rachael Ray touted Knork as her new fave thing, and we have been featured in DailyCandy and Thrillist.


Check out KNORK: Website, , and    


Personal Review: Heather from Full Price? Never! was lucky enough to try out the KNORK flatware. She thought they were great! Here are her thoughts ” When I first received the flatware I was shocked at how solid they were. They were heavier than any other set I had ever used. You could instantly tell that these were made of quality materials and are built to last. I was happy to see that the forks were not sharp on the sides {a safety concern with children using them}, instead they cut like a knife due to their design. They are also really easy to hold. I give these a thumbs up!”  



Brittleby’s Corner received no compensation for this post.