Teas’ Tea ~ Refreshing Bottled Iced Tea {Review/Giveaway} Ends 4/19


I love tea, both hot and cold. I especially love unsweetened tea. Teas’ Tea is “The Tea of All Teas”! You may hay seen Teas’ Tea at your local store, but they just redesigned their bottles.



The re-design of Teas’ Tea by ITO EN reduces carbon footprint and is now the lightest bottle in the ‘ready-to-drink’ beverage industry. These new bottles feature a lighter weight PET bottle and smaller cap. Reducing packaging has always been one of the company’s CSR initiatives and a central goal in saving emissions to reduce it’s environmental impact. By choosing recyclable plastic bottles, PET 1, over glass, the company has been able to ship more tea in individual shipping trucks, saving in fuel expenses and reducing it’s carbon footprint. The bottles are also fully wrapped which minimizes light exposure to reduce oxidation as well as preserve the antioxidants in the teas. This results in the freshest teas!

Teas' Tea Unsweetened Iced Tea


I was sent a couple of their unsweetened teas to review. I was sent the Green Tea, Rose Green Tea & Mint Green Tea. They were delicious! I prefer unsweetened teas, so these are just to my liking. I enjoyed all three of the teas. They are perfect for taking on the go and I appreciate the lighter bottle to take in my purse.



TEAS’ TEA is available nationwide in natural & specialty stores, as well as conventional grocery stores for $1.99 per bottle.


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ITO EN is giving away 3 Teas’ Tea bottles to my readers. Enter on the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win. Giveaway open to US and ends 4/19. Good Luck!

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Coffee & Tea Revue {Giveaway Hop} #CoffeeTeaRevue Ends 1/28


Welcome to the Coffee & Tea Revue Giveaway Hop hosted by A Year of Jubilee Reviews!!


Cool mornings and dark nights of January call for some nice warm drinks to keep you cozy. There are so many wonderful Coffee and Tea companies accessible to us online, and each of these blogs are offering a giveaway valued at least $20 of coffee and/or tea products!! Two weeks of pure delight from Jan 14-28,  lots of time to enter all of them.


At Brittleby’s Corner you have a chance to win


An Infuser Tea Mug and Fair Trade Tea from PaulaWalla.

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Fair Trade Coffee & Tea from Trade as One.

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Enter to win this amazing Fair Trade Tea & Coffee package on the Rafflecopter form below valued at $46.50. Winner gets to choose mug, tea flavors and regular or decaf coffee! Giveaway open to US only and will end on 1/28. Don’t forget to enter all the coffee and tea themed giveaways below on the linky! Good Luck!

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Trade as One ~ Organic Fair Trade Tea and Coffee {Review/Sponsor Spotlight} #CoffeeTeaRevue


When I go shopping now, I look for items that are Fair Trade certified or show that the company is fairly paying their employees and laborers. One company that supports Fair Trade is Trade as One. When I search for tea, coffee and chocolate, I only purchase if the company has fairly paid for their ingredients.


Our mission is to use fair trade to promote sustainable business and break cycles of poverty and dependency in the developing world. We all have a conscience. We want to make sure people get the chance to use it when they shop.


I love their Mission statement. Trade as One truly cares about the well being of everyone, not just the satisfaction of the consumer. Paying fair wages for fair work in third world countries helps people get out of poverty. By buying Fair Trade, you support fair wages. When we are driven to just consume without really caring where these products come from, we cast a vote for cheap products and unfair treatment of employees. Our purchases cast votes for the kind of products we want to purchase. Wouldn’t it be great if our spending could aid those in poverty, instead of keep them there?


Here at Trade as One we’re passionate about using our spending to address 3 crises. First, the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It’s an emergency on an unprecedented scale. Second, the problem of human slavery. Fair Trade is about both prevention through employing vulnerable women, and bringing hope and restoration to survivors. Lastly, the problem of extreme poverty. The worst evils in the world are rooted in the desperation of extreme poverty, and Fair Trade employment is a sustainable route out of that desperation.


Trade as One sent me Tea and Coffee, both are Fair Trade certified. I was sent the Organic Green Tea with Essence of Peach from Choice Organic Teas. I love green tea so this was amazing with just an added sweetness of peach! Yummy! I think this would taste good cold too! The Box came with 20 individually wrapped tea bags. Choice Organic Tea was the first company to adopt Fair Trade Certified in the US back in 2000. Half of choice’s production of tea is fair trade. Buying fair trade from Choice means that they can supply their tea pluckers with fair wages and a safe working environment. For example, this supports women on the Korakundah Tea Estate, in the Nilgiri region of India. These women use their wages to help support themselves upon retirement because they will continue to receive a monthly payment when they return to their native villages. You can read more about Choice HERE.








I was sent the Trade as One Peace Blend from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company.  I haven’t tried the coffee yet {and probably never will}, but I am sure my husband will love it! This whole bean coffee is made in Uganda and Ethiopia with a blend of rich dark berry flavors of sun-dried Ethiopian Sidamo blended with vanilla and nutmeg notes and earthy body of Ugandan Bugisu. In 2003, Ugandan farmer JJ Keki walked door-to-door asking his Muslim, Christian, and Jewish neighbors to unite and face their struggle with poverty caused by exploitation and low coffee prices. The farmers joined together, and founded a cooperative, which would ultimately bring peace and unity to the farmers and workers. You can read more about Thanksgiving Coffee HERE.


If buying Fair Trade is important to you, check out Trade as One to see how you can support companies like Choice Organic Teas and Thanksgiving Coffee. Our purchases affect those that make the products, so vote for fair trade when you can.


You can purchase both coffee and tea, and more Fair Trade items, online at Trade as One. The Choice Organic Teas are $5.99 for a package of 20. The Thanksgiving Coffee Trade as One Peace Blend is a whole bean 12oz pack and is $12.99. The tea comes in many flavors and the coffee comes in regular and decaf. Check out all the Fair Trade products available on Trade as One and remember that every purchase enables a worker to be fairly paid and treated.


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Trade as One is giving away both Fair Trade Tea and Coffee in the Coffee & Tea Revue Giveaway Hop. Come back on January 14 for a chance to win your flavor of Choice Organic Tea and Thanksgiving Coffee Regular or Decaf. Interested in an extra entry? Visit Trade as One and leave a comment telling me what other fair trade product you would like to try.



PaulaWalla ~ A Woman-Owned Online Tea Gift Shop {Review/Sponsor Spotlight} #CoffeeTeaRevue


I love tea! Hot or cold, I love it! I prefer unsweetened black iced tea and hot green tea with honey and lemon. I used to just buy whatever tea was available on the shelf at the grocery store, now I look for fair trade and/or organic loose leaf teas. I still buy some of my favorite teas at the grocery stores, especially seasonal ones or plain black and green teas. I fell in in love with loose leaf tea earlier this year and I look for it now in specialty stores or tea shops. It is amazing that tea can come in so many different varieties.


PaulaWalla Imports is one of those specialty stores that sells different kinds of teas and accessories that go into making tea.  PualaWalla carries tea cups, infuser tea cups, covered tea cups, tea pots and more. There is also loose leaf, organic and fair trade tea to choose from. Paula opened PaulaWalla Imports in 1997 and it is based in Windsor, Connecticut. Paula is a world traveler and and is the moderator of Windsor Freecycle, a local group determined to keep good, usable items out of the landfill. {Find your local Freecycle group at www.Freecycle.org}


Ethical business is one of the main goals at PaulaWalla Imports. We’ve teamed up with certified fair trade source with goods from many different cooperatives around the world, made up mostly of women earning income to support their families.



I was sent a beautiful Flora and Fuana Infuser Tea Mug and Fair Trade Zhi White Blueberry Tea. I was almost hesitant to request a tea cup because I have plenty of mugs. But then I realized that I would love a tea cup just for me…like it would be “My Tea Cup”. I also love that the tea cup is an all in one infuser as well. It is easy to steep the tea and then remove the leaves and enjoy. Plus, the Flora & Fuana Infuser Cup is adorable!







The porcelain Infuser Tea Mug comes in three pieces: a lid, an infuser and the cup. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, but I prefer to hand wash it. You can steep both loose leaf tea and bagged tea in the infuser section, whichever you prefer.



The Fair Trade Zhi White Blueberry Tea is amazing. The tea tastes sweet and you can reuse the tea for multiple steepings. It has light caffeine. The tea is made from organic India White Tea blended with organic blueberries, blue malva flowers, and botanical blueberry flavor. Can you taste it?



I loved using my infuser mug and truly enjoyed the white blueberry tea. I appreciate that the tea is fairly traded and that Paula looks for ethical companies and organizations to support.


You can purchase these products and more on PaulaWalla Imports. The Infuser Tea Mugs are $11 and the Fair Trade Zhi White Blueberry Tea is $16.50.


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PaulaWalla Imports is generously giving away an Infuser Tea Mug and Fair Trade Tea to one of my readers in the Coffee & Tea Revue Giveaway Hop. The winner gets to choose the mug and tea of choice. Come back on January 14 to enter. Interested in an extra entry? Visit PaulaWalla and tell me another product that you would love to have!


Giving Green {Giveaway Hop} #GivingGreen Ends 11/26



Welcome to the Green Gift Event! This Giving Green Giveaway Hop is hosted by The Frugal Greenish Mama and The Simmworks Family Blog. Now is your chance to enter some fabulous green giveaways to possibly win something for everybody on gift list!


In addition, you also have a chance to win our grand prizes from Buy Green, Green Heart Shop, Kiwi Crate, Artterro, Tegu & ChicoBag! You’ll get bonus entries into the Grand Prize Giveaway for each giveaway you enter in the Giving Green Hop!


Click here to enter the grand prize.


At Brittleby’s Corner you have the chance to win:


An Ostara Organics Fall Retreat Gift Set valued at $25

The Fall Retreat set includes 2 candles in tins and a package of scent tarts (all are toxin free & from Ostara Organics, in holiday scents), 1/2 pound Autumn Mix from River Trail Snacks, mug, a variety of cocoa, cider, coffee and tea.

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Enter on the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win this Fall Retreat Gift Set to keep for yourself or to give away! This giveaway is open to US only and will end 11/26. Don’t forget to enter all the other green gifts giveaways on the linky below! Good Luck!

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