Use Essential Oils for Preventative Measures ~ DIY “Beat the Bug” Rollerball


Beat the Bug DIY Rollerball with Essential Oils


My daughter woke up in the middle of the night last night and began throwing up. I know most of you did not want to know that! My day has revolved around taking care of her and trying to help her feel comfortable and better.


Since I have decided to start selling essential oils again, I have been doing a lot research into the benefits of using each oil. Since I had a rollerball on hand, I decided to try and make a diluted, ready to use oil blend. Oregano, Lemon, and protective blend were all suggested to help with easing her stomach. The protective blend is made with 5 different oils (clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, orange, and rosemary) and smells amazing!


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