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I keep hearing how important it is to start engaging with your children before they can talk or walk. My kids are now 6 and 7, so they do most of the talking now!


When my kids were younger, we used to have a nightly routine after getting ready for bed. This time was set apart as a family time to read together. My husband and I still read to our kids, but the routine has changed over the years.


It seems like my kids were babies ages ago, but in reality, only a few years have gone by since they could read on their own. I have always tried to encourage my kids to read, which started by reading to them when they were younger. Later on, I encouraged them to find books at the library that were interesting to them.




As a parent, sometimes it can all feel overwhelming, especially when we talk about a child’s potential for the future. Rest assured that they are off to a great start if you talk, read, and sing with your kids. Even if you work, you can make a special time for interaction with your child. We made a nightly routine and so can you!




First 5 California is a great resource for parents who are looking for ways to interact with their children. You can search for activities based on the age of your child. These activities provide you with ideas of games you can play with your baby, toddler, or preschooler, as well as the benefits your child will receive by performing the activity.


I encourage you to make a routine with your children where you will read and play together. Figure out a time that will work with your schedule and everyday, set that time apart to be solely focused on bonding and engaging with your child. Use the activities recommended by First 5 California to get you started.


Do you have activities or routines set in place with your little ones?


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