Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil ~ Natural Way to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks & Scars {Review/Sponsor Spotlight} #CrazyChristmas


My babies are now three and four years old! I am glad my kids are growing up, but my body still shows the marks of pregnancy! With my first born, I didn’t even get stretch marks until the last month. I only had a few when I delivered, but was upset when they started to appear in the following weeks as my belly started to return to “normal”. Within 5 months I was pregnant again and my belly never fully healed. With my second pregnancy, the stretch marks that I had, continued to spread over the next 9 months! Years later, those stretch marks have yet to disappear. I have tried creams and lotions, but after using them for weeks, I saw no difference and gave up.


So here I am today, stretch marks and all. When the opportunity came for a chance to review Avishi Organics, I jumped at the chance because I hadn’t tried anything in a while. I was curious to see if their Intensive Repair Oil would work better than the creams and lotions I had tried in the past. I didn’t know if I would like rubbing oil on my tummy everyday…



Well…I actually love using the oil! I prefer to do it at night, but since it is a part of my routine I do it every night! I really love the way the oil feels on my skin. I rub it on my tummy and hips. I have been using the oil for the last couple of months and I have seen a decrease in the appearance of dark lines. The oil also smells really good and feels soothing on my skin. The oil can also be used on scars or as a massage oil!


So what exactly is Avishi Organics and Intensive Repair Oil? Avishi is a Sanskrit word that means “from nature”. Avishi was started by a mother to be who was in search of skincare products that were free of chemicals and safe to use. She decided to start formulating her own products that would work well and work fast while being 100% natural! You can read the ingredients HERE ~ just a bunch of oils mixed together!


Our Mission

We believe that healthy skin for mamas and babies can be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals found in typical skincare products. And we believe that natural formulations can be potent, effective and results-driven. Purity matters, but so do results. That is why our products are made from 100% natural ingredients that are renowned for their therapeutic and regenerative powers for skin that is radiant and glowing with good-health.


The Intensive Repair Oil activates skin renewal to minimize the appearance of existing stretch marks and scars, as well as reduce the possibility of new marks forming during pregnancy. Avishi Organics formula contains no synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfate, or other harmful additives/chemicals. The formula is concentrated with essential fatty acids and not watered down with unnecessary fillers. It is rich in vitamins, tocopherols and other antioxidants, nourishing, healing, anti-inflammatory and skin-cell regenerating, and made from pure botanical extracts and oils. Avishi also pledges to donate 1% of their profits to The Andora Project which helps Haiti’s child protection policies.


I would recommend Avishi to any pregnant woman or to anyone that has existing stretch marks and is looking for the right product to help them. I will continue to use the repair oil until it is gone. If I ever get pregnant again I will definitely be purchasing this to keep stretch marks at bay.


You can purchase the Intensive Repair Oil on Avishi Organic’s website. The repair oil is $38.50 and should last you a month. It is recommended that you use the oil twice a day and that you should see results in 8-10 weeks.


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Avishi Organics will be giving away one Intensive Repair Oil in the Crazy Christmas Giveaway Hop. Come back December 1st to enter to win. Interested in an extra entry? Visit Avishi Organics and leave a comment telling me one of the ingredients used in the Intensive Repair Oil {Look for an orange tab}!