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I send my kids to school with water everyday. I am not to fond of most juice boxes, so I prefer to stick with water. I came across Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice at Whole Foods and realized that this was the type of juice that I would want my kids to drink. They have been drinking the juice for breakfast. I would send it to school if I had these .



Uncle Matt’s makes pure, organic juice with real fruit. They source their fruit from 25 small US family growers. They make four kinds of juices with a variety of orange juices. You can choose from Orange Juice with Calcium + Vitamin D, Pulp Free Orange Juice, Orange Juice with Pulp, Grapefruit Juice, Apple Juice, and Lemonade. I was given the opportunity to try their Pulp Free Orange Juice and Grapefruit Juice. Both were amazing!


Uncle Matt's Organic Juice


The orange juice was sweet and tasty. My kids loved it as well as my husband and I. We enjoyed it mostly for breakfast, before school. The grapefruit juice was great too. It wasn’t too sour, as some grapefruit juices are. It was the perfect blend of sweet and sour. Overall, these juices were amazing and I appreciate that they are made with just fruit…no added sugars or preservatives or dyes.


I was able to get these juices at Whole Foods, but if you don’t have one near you, use the store locator on their website.


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