Education Outdoors ~ Camp Game for the entire Family {Review}


My family enjoys spending time together. One of our favorite things to do together is play games. My kids are young, so we are always looking for fun games that we can all enjoy. Education Outdoors is a company that has created family games that are 100% educational. Their mission is to “bring families together to interact and learn about the outdoors”.


Education Outdoors ~ Camp Game for the entire Family

The first game created was Camp. This boardgame is meant for ages 5+ and 2-4 players. The game is designed for all ages, so everyone can enjoy the experience. There are different levels to playing. The first level questions deal primarily with with identifying animals. As the players increase in their knowledge about the outdoors, they grow into the higher level questions. This is a fun and educational game where parents and children can play against each other to get to Camp first. The game includes: 1 game board, 199 game cards (400 questions, and 99 fun facts), 1 decoder, 8 game characters, 1 die, 16 level cards, and 1 compass card.



My kids love this game! There are so many interesting facts to learn and they enjoy answering the questions. I let both my kids play on the first level and I played on the last level. I think I need to move down a level and my son needs to move up a level! :) My kids also love the different animal characters. I like that we are all learning something new about nature and the great outdoors. The game is simple to play and we all enjoyed playing together. I foresee many days of playing Camp in our future!


Education Outdoors ~ Camp Game for the entire Family


You can buy Camp online for $24.99 along with their other family friendly games. There is something for everyone!


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