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As nurturers, we constantly try everything in our power to ensure the well-being of our loved ones. But, let’s face it, planning ahead for every situation proves impossible, and we welcome help with open arms. With our busy schedules, especially during routine back to school check-ups, receiving the most reliable care and accurate results leaves less time spent worrying.



As a mom and a substitute teacher, I had to get ready for back-to-school season. In order to qualify as a substitute teacher, I not only have to fill out mounds of paper work, but I must be up to date with vaccines. Every couple of years I have to update my records at the school district with a new tuberculosis (TB) test. Also, as a parent at my kids school, in order to volunteer, you must have a TB test.


For the current school year, I needed to not only get a TB test in order to work, but also to volunteer. I have had numerous tests before and was very familiar with the drill. My biggest fear is that I will forget to return  within the given time frame to have the test read, therefore having to repeat the process. For those that don’t know, a standard TB test involves injecting a substance under the skin of your forearm, and returning within a 24-36 hour window to have your arm inspected.


Personally, I have never had a false positive, nor have I missed the follow-up appointment to check my arm. The test is relatively quick, but it is inconvenient to go to the doctor 2 days in one week.


There is a new test available to those in need of a TB test. This blood test does not require a return visit to the doctor in order to see if a raised lump had developed at the site where the tuberculin was injected. The blood test can help diagnose a TB infection and is a major scientific advance over the 110-year-old skin test, giving greater accuracy and a more reliable result.


The TB blood test is the only available method of testing for TB with completely objective results. Other tests, such as the skin test, are subjective and open to visual interpretation. However, a previous TB vaccination is likely to cause a false-positive result and individuals may also experience severe itching at the puncture site.


The TB blood test requires a draw of 3 ml of fresh blood.

No injection of tuberculin.

No second visit to the doctor.

More reliable results.


If you are interested in learning more about the TB blood test, check out this website. If you have ever had a false positive, this may be a better option for you. Everybody is busy, so don’t waste your time going to the doctor twice next time you need a TB test.


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    Awesome Article ! And this new test is really helpful for peoples suffering form TB.


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