3 Obstacles to Mindfulness That You Can Overcome

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Finding mindfulness in Canberra can certainly be a challenge, what with all the distractions found here. But Canberra is no different than any other place on the planet. There will always be distractions and obstacles you face on your journey to a fuller self.


The goal is to be able to work past – or with – these obstacles in order to achieve an enlightenment that will make you appreciate life to its fullest. Here are 3 of the most common obstacles practitioners find in their journey of mindfulness, and how you can overcome them.




  1. Progress takes time. In this world of “now or never,” patience is truly a virtue. And patience is a necessity in mindfulness training. Progress can be extremely slow coming. There will be times when you attach yourself to things and situations that you want, and that will prevent you from being in the moment. You can’t be mindful when you’re stuck in the past or dreaming of the future.
  2. When goals challenge your mindfulness. It’s never a bad thing to have goals in life. However, the problem occurs when you become too attached to your goals, because when something bad happens, you get angry, frustrated, or invite negativity into your world. Remember, attachment clouds our clarity. You’re pursuing your goals because you feel like they’ll make you happy, but when you let your goals pull you into a stressful state, how does that make you happy? Just focus on the good things around you and remember, your goals don’t define who you are.
  3. Focusing on the destination. When it comes to mindfulness training, remember that it’s the journey, not the destination. The reward is the actual journey. Humans are goal-seeking mechanisms. We need goals to have a sense of purpose. But it’s in the journey toward our goals where we learn and grow. Remember that with mindfulness training, there is no end destination that you’re striving to get to. All there is is the now.




Many people avoid embarking on the journey of mindfulness training because they feel it’s something that they can’t commit to, or aren’t skilled enough to start. But our true self wants to become mindful. It is a series of noises and distractions in our lives that pull us away from our natural self.


We all have it within ourselves to be mindful, but sometimes we just need some guidance. In Canberra, many people put their faith in The Inside Out Effect for guided mindfulness training. Learn more by visiting http://theinsideouteffect.com.au/.

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