3 Reasons To Ensure Your Solar System is Regularly Serviced

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Solar technology is a more affordable, efficient, and sustainable source of energy. Though the initial cost of solar panels can seem expensive, you will save heaps of money over the years. However, just like any home appliance, they need to be tended to or they could break down. With regular solar maintenance, you can greatly decrease the need for repair. These are three reasons why you should hire a solar panel cleaning and maintenance team at least every 12 months.




  1. Audits- Solar panel audits are an important aspect of ensuring a proper state of repair for your solar system. The qualified technician will survey your solar system and provide you with a detailed analysis of all aspects that may require further attention. No cleaning or repairs are done during the audit. It is simply a way to discover what types of repairs may be needed in the future.
  2. Cleaning- In order to keep your solar panels in the best condition possible, regular solar cleaning is very important. With routine cleanings, you can minimize the damage caused by exposure to the elements, reduce the need for solar repairs, and ensure that they continue to operate at their full potential for years to come. This will ultimately save you money over time.
  3. Heat Hurts- Due to the solar panels being positioned directly beneath the sun, they are exposed to direct sunlight regularly. This can be damaging to the panels, particularly to the plastic isolators, and can reduce their performance over time. A technician will be able to assess and fix the damage, while protecting your panels from further heat-related trouble.


Solar panels are a major commitment and should be treated with care. In order to make the most of your investment, you need to be willing to repair, clean, and maintain the panels as needed. Brisbane solar power professionals can help.


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