What to Look for in a Pizza Delivery Bag

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There are reasons people who are in the business of food delivery do not use paper or plastic carryout bags to transport food. They do not hold foods at safe temperatures, and they are not always the most durable form of transport. Strong, durable carriers like Covertex pizza delivery bags are always designed with these end goals in mind. Although many people love pizza enough to eat it cold, there are not many who are willing to pay for a freshly cooked pizza that has lost its heat during delivery time. In fact, this is the best way for pizza delivery services to lose customers and eventually see a loss in revenue.




Food delivery bags made of heavy duty vinyl and designed with significant height for stacking will always be a first preference for drivers. Most come with a durable, adjustable strap ideal for moving food orders from the car to the customer’s location. The straps are made to evenly distribute the weight of pizza boxes and ensure the toppings do not slide over the side of the crust. This becomes especially helpful if more than one pizza is to be delivered in the same building or general vicinity.


The fact that the bag is made rectangle or square helps pizza boxes fit neatly and snugly inside. If pizza is delivered using cloth bags, there is a large chance the food can shift in transit. The seemingly small choice of a pizza bag can often make the difference in quality food delivery and excellent customer service.


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