Advice for Personal Injury Lawsuits

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Personal Injury Attorney


Personal injury lawsuits are a broad category of claims which deal with the harm suffered by an individual. These claims are considered a form of tort law, one of the primary categories of civil law. For that reason, no criminal penalties are associated with personal injury lawsuits and the guilty party doesn’t receive jail time. Monetary awards or compensation to the injured party is usually the result of the personal injury case. When such a case goes to trial, a judge presides and a jury may be present. Injured residents of Virginia need a Virginia personal injury attorney.



Personal Injury Claims


Many kinds of injuries can be considered relevant to personal injury lawsuits. Some harms may seem quite minor: for instance, an individual slips and falls on icy steps while shopping at a retail store, and he fractures an ankle. The injury requires emergency medical treatment and medical follow-ups. The pain from injury prevents him from going to work for about ten days.


This proof of physical harm gives the injured person grounds for monetary compensation. The individual’s injury prevented him from going to work, and he earns an hourly wage. Because he’s unable to work and collect regular income from his work, the injury deprives him of this income. Although the personal injury settlement can’t remove the individual’s suffering, the guilty party must make restitution against a truthful claim.


Insurance Companies


Many personal injury claims seek restitution from insurance companies. In the above referenced example, the shopper was injured at a retailer’s site. The retailer has commercial insurance in place and, although the insurance company isn’t technically to blame for the injury, the retailer’s insurance is likely to handle to resulting claim from the injured person.
Alternatively, the retailer may rent space from another business and, rather than make a personal injury claim against that business, the personal injury lawyer names their insurer in the injured person’s lawsuit. The personal injury attorney representing the claimant is likely to name the insurance company as the responsible party. In many cases, the insurance company pays these claims.



Many personal injury claims are settled by arbitration or direct negotiation between parties. Not every injured person needs a personal injury attorney. When an accident happens and the individual isn’t hurt, he or she has no reason to file a personal injury claim. If a person is injured, it’s important to seek restitution in a timely manner because each state has a different statute of limitations to consider in filing these claims.


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