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Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion.



I choose to take dietary supplements to compliment my diet because I know that I am not getting all the vitamins I need on a daily basis. I try to eat healthy foods, but I know my body needs certain amounts of vitamins in order properly function.


Dietary Supplements from Buddha's Herbs


Buddha’s Herbs is home to vitamins, herbal supplements and herbal teas that are all natural.


I was sent Vitamin A, Mega Omega-3, Calcium Citrate, and Vitamin D3. Vitamin A is for eye and skin health. It is vital to the growth and maintenance of epithelial tissue and red blood cell production and is essential for proper immune function. An increased intake of Vitamin A in the diet has been associated with reduced risk of cataracts. This 200 count bottle is only $7.49!


Mega Omega-3 is for heart and cardiovascular health. It supports cardiovascular, cognitive, ocular, immune, and nervous system health. It is also purified for heavy metals, PCB’s and dioxins. 1 softgel, a daily serving, delivers 400 mg EPA and 300 mg DHA, thus surpassing the international daily recommended intake of 500 mg EPA+DHA, without leaving a fishy taste in your mouth. This 200 count bottle is only $15.15!


Calcium Citrate is essential for teeth and bone development, as well as muscle function. It absorbs well with or without food. Two tablets, a daily serving, deliver 600 mg of Calcium Citrate, 1000 IU D3 and 90 mcg Vitamin K. The added D3 and Vitamin K help the body readily absorb the calcium. This 200 count bottle is only $10.99!


Vitamin D3 is for bone, dental and overall immune health. Buddha’s Herbs formula contains no artificial color, flavor, or ingredients and is GMO Free. It is formulated to be easily absorbed. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for the body. Having Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of catching asthma related allergies  This 250 count bottle is $7.49.


These supplements and more are available online and all orders over $20 ship free. Buddha’s Herbs has some of the best prices on supplements that I have seen. I would love to see them carry a kids line!  There is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. If you buy 2 of any supplement, you save 10% and when you buy any 5, save 15%.


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