Out with the Old and In with the New

This is a sponsored post.


The move is complete! We are officially living in Santa Barbara now! We are still unpacking and figuring out if everything we brought will fit in our new apartment. We downsized from a 2300 sq ft home to a little more than 700 sq ft apartment, which mean a LOT of downsizing! It was hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. My family had accumulated a ton of stuff over the years, so I knew that most of it had to go.






As my husband and I made decisions on what to do with all of our stuff, I decided that I wanted to try and make some money. I made a pile in my house for a yard sale, but I knew that there were other ways to make some extra money. Not everything sells well at yard sales, so I kept certain things out of that pile. I turned to the internet to help me make some money. Certain things I could sell on Ebay and then I found some specialty sites where I could sell DVDs online. I have found that selling the things I no longer want online, is not that big of a hassle and I can make some extra money.



Some of the DVDs that made it with us!


I was able to have my yard sale, so I made quite a bit of money there. I am still working on selling my other stuff online. The picture above is just some of the DVDs that traveled with us and I am sure that I will be selling more in the next month.


Once our apartment is in order I will give you all a picture tour.


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