Campus Book Rentals ~ Save Money when you Rent your College Textbooks {+Support Operation Smile}

This is a sponsored post.

My husband has returned to the world of college. This past summer we moved so my husband could start his Doctorate program at UCSB. My husband graduated with his Bachelors in History in 2003 and decided to go back to school to get his Master’s in 2011. Now we are continuing our journey in Santa Barbara, California. A lot of things have changed since, we were undergrads, but one thing that hasn’t is the cost of textbooks. My husband doesn’t need many textbooks with his program, but he does use textbooks when he TA’s for an undergrad class.


I am amazed at the cost of textbooks! Campus Book Rentals gives the opportunity to rent your textbooks instead of buying them. You can search their site for your book by author, title, keyword, or ISBN. You will save 40-90% off of bookstore prices. Your textbook with ship to you for free and will come with an envelope to ship your book back for free when you are done. Even though the books are rented, you can highlight and mark your book as if it was your own. Your rental period is flexible as well.


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