Keep the Flys and Mosquitos out with the IGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

Since we have moved to Santa Barbara, we are able to open our windows to let the cool breeze blow through out apartment. unfortunately, there is only one tiny window in our kitchen and small window in the living room. Very little breeze blows through unless we have the doors open. On warm days, I like to open the doors to cool the apartment down, but we are located near wetlands, so we constantly have mosquitos and other small bugs trying to get in. In spring, we have tiny frogs that hop in as well if we leave the doors open.




I noticed that a lot of neighbors had screen doors, so I decided to look into getting one. The IGotTech Magnetic Screen works perfectly for keeping out the bugs, frogs, and mosquitos. This heavy mesh screen measures 83″ high and has 26 magnets to ensure that it stays tightly closed. The magnets are hidden inside the mesh, so they will not break or fall off. That means no gaps, which means no bugs.



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