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It’s not everyday that you stumble across an amazing gift to purchase for a child’s birthday party or the baby shower you are attending. These types of gifts are often hard to shop for – especially when you are trying to find something that is meaningful, useful, and fun. At the same time, you want to be able to afford this gift. Although it sounds impossible to find something to meet these standards, My Chronicle Books has just what you need. Their selection of personalized books are amazing gift options for children of all ages.



Multiple Books to Choose From


When you are shopping for a book to personalize, there are a variety of options. This allows you to find something that is suitable for the person you are shopping for. It also allows you to have fun while you are shopping. Some of the books are children’s classics that can be transformed to include the child’s name. Other books are new stories that allow you to add more details and personalization. In addition, there are also baby books and journals to assist parents as they document the details of their child’s life.



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Check out Gibbs Smith Childrens Books

Product was given to me in order to post my honest opinion.


One thing I discovered last summer at our local library was the children’s summer reading program! I loved doing those type of programs growing up, I just did it when I was older. My kids are 4 and almost 3, their program involves me reading to them! I love the idea behind the program, getting kids to read, even though they are out of school!



I think summer is a great time to be outdoors, but also a great time to read more books. One company that I have come across that sells book is Gibbs Smith. I received four children’s books to review: Just Me & 6,000 Rats, Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed, Alice in Wonderland, and Blue Potatoes and Orange Tomatoes! The Just Me & 6,000 Rats book is written with conjunctions and is part of a Language Arts series by Rick Walton. His other books includes prepositions, transitive and intransitive verbs, counting and more. Alice in Wonderland is a board book and is a nice twist on learning colors! Blue Potatoes and Orange Tomatoes is a fun book about gardening and planting vegetables that are different colors than traditional ones! My favorite book is Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed, it is a story about a little girl that was nice to someone and then that person was nice to someone and it goes on and on. It is basically a book about paying it forward and how fast “kind deeds” spread, and most times come full circle.


Gibbs Smith carries a variety of children’s books including cookbooks, activity, picture, board, educational and sierra club books. They also have a variety of doodle books that encourage children to be creative. Gibbs Smith also offers a variety of books for every age of life including crafts, architecture, cookbooks, literature, gardening, western, etc.


Even with the sun shining brightly this summer, I bet you could find a nice cool spot to sit and read! Encourage your kids to read this summer! Find some new books for them and visit your local library to enroll in their summer reading program!


You can purchase these books on Gibbs Smith website. You can also download their catalog as a PDF to see all the books they have available. To give you an idea of cost, the Alice in Wonderland board book values at $9.99, the hardcover Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed values at $15.99 and the other two were both $7.99. These prices are not bad so I encourage you to take a look at their catalog and find some summer reads for you and your kids!


Overall, I like these books and my kids do as well! I love that my kids love to read (or have me read to them). I don’t think you can have too many children’s books!


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