Aflac Open Enrollment & What You Need to Know to Be Prepared #MC


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When considering health care options, there are some surprising facts that need to be shared when it comes to open enrollment. I am not ashamed to admit that I am not currently aware of all the benefits of my current heath plan has.

Aflac took a survey asking people about the upcoming open enrollment with the new health care reform. They found that:

  • 74 percent of workers sometimes or never understand everything that is covered by their insurance policy today.
  • Now, nearly 4-in-10(37 percent) workers think it will bemore difficult to understand everything in their health care policy with the changes dictated by health care reform.
  • Nearly a third (28 percent) of employees is confused, worried or simply unsure about the change their employer is making to their health care coverage or benefits options due to health care reform.
  • 60 percent of workers have not begun to educate themselves about coming changes to their benefits package due to health care reform.


I think these facts are true due to 2 things. First of all, I think many Americans have become dependent on others to tell them what something means instead of doing research for themselves. Second, I think that most health care companies make it difficult to understand what is available to those enrolled. I think both parties are to blame for lack of knowledge and yet at the same time I think they go hand in hand.


Like I said before, I understand a little about my current health care plan, but it seems whenever I have a question, I just get passed from person to person and don’t ever get a black and white answer.


With open enrollment currently going on, it is time to start educating ourselves and getting prepared. Don’t expect someone to lay everything out for you, but do some research for yourself so you know what questions to ask. If you are an employer who needs to share with your employees about the upcoming changes, Aflac would like to help you. You can visit their website for resources to help you and your employees.


Some other helpful tips courtesy of Aflac:

  • Mailing benefits materials to employees’ homes so they can discuss their options with their family members
  • Hosting a town-hall meeting with a benefits adviser to discuss changes and answer questions that apply to the
  • Encourage one-on-one meetings with employees who have more specific questions.
  • Conducting educational webinars to reach all employees regardless of location
  • Posting FAQs in high-traffic areas such as employee break rooms, cafeterias and bathrooms.


If you would like additional assistance from Aflac please visit their Open Enrollment Resources.


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