Looking into Contact Lenses or Need a New Prescription? Check out 1-800 Contacts


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When I was younger, I never thought about people needing help with their vision as they got older. I just assumed that older people that wore glasses, had always worn glasses. Now that I am older, I realize that more and more of my friends and family members need glasses or contacts because they are just plain getting older! I currently don’t need any glasses or contacts for my eyes, but I may as I age for reading or driving. My dad currently wears contacts but never wore glasses when he was younger. Since I have never needed glasses, I would probably choose to go with contact lenses when I need help with my vision.


1-800 Contacts provides their customers with the best online shopping experience possible. They are dedicated to providing you with a simple, fast, and hassle-free way to order your contact lenses.


They have a 20/20 Guarantee, which means they have 20 promises that they will keep in order to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Some of these promises include: price match guarantees, 100% satisfaction guarantee, free replacements/exchanges, and excellent customer service. Every call placed to 1-800 Contacts will be answered by a real person, not an automated service. They have 24/7 customer service available by phone or chat, and you will be talking to a Contact Lens Expert.


If you currently use contact lenses and have a favorite brand, then you may be in luck. 1-800 Contacts keeps an inventory of nearly 10 million contact lenses, so they are pretty much guaranteed to have the right lenses for just about anyone. They carry popular brands including Acuvue, Pro Clear, FreshLook, SofLens and more, as well as specialty toric contact lenses, colored contacts, and bifocal lenses. And remember that they will match any contact lens price, so if you are looking for a new company to work with, try 1-800 Contacts.



1-800 Contacts is currently offering Free Shipping on ALL orders! There is also a new, limited time coupon page offering discounts exclusively to 1-800 Contacts customers. If you have an iPhone, you can download their which allows you to manage your prescription profile, reorder, and track the life of your contact lens.


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