The Benefits of a Clean Furnace Filter

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Your furnace system is one of the most important major appliances your home will have. It helps to keep your home warm and inviting during the cold winter months and it also helps to circulate air every day. To keep your system running efficiently and cleanly, it is important that you put in a new replacement furnace filter on a regular basis. Depending on how hard your system works to heat the home, this can be as often as every month. Here are some benefits to consider when you start regularly changing your furnace filter.




Keeping Your System Running
A major benefit of changing your furnace filter is that is will keep your system clean from dirt and dust which will keep the system running efficiently. This will help you avoid any major issues with your system and keep it running for years to come. To maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, you will still want to bring in a professional twice a year to clean the system and your duct work.

Providing Cleaner Air Throughout the Home
If you suffer from allergies, having clean air inside your home is essential to reduce your symptoms. Dust, dirt and allergens can all get caught in your filter. If the filter is not changed in a timely manner, these allergens can recirculate through your home, causing you more allergy issues. You can change your filters more frequently during allergy season to reduce this issue.

Reducing Energy Costs
Another great benefit to changing your furnace filter is that you can see a clear difference in your energy costs throughout the year. When a system isn’t working as efficiently as it can, you will see higher heating and electricity bills. With a clean, efficient system, you can reduce your energy costs as much as 15-20% in many cases. Even with the added cost of more filters, this will still save you money long term.

The benefits outweigh the costs of replacing your furnace filter on a regular basis. It will keep your home clean and healthy for all who enter. Finding the right filter for your specific model of furnace is key to get the best results. Places such as Your Filter Connection can help you get the right furnace filter for your specific model so you can change your filter on a regular basis.


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