Tap Water is Better Than Bottled + Learn how you can provide clean drinking water in India

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Product was given to me in order to conduct a review.


Have you ever noticed how everything tastes better in glass? That’s because glass won’t taint liquids like plastic or metal can. You already use glass for wine and other beverages, so why not for your water? Get a Faucet Face bottle today and keep your water tasting fresh!



I could not agree more! Everything tastes better in glass. I especially love a cold glass of water! Plastic just isn’t the same. For many years now, I have chosen to drink tap water over bottled. Bottled water amounts to huge waste and is really not that great for you. I prefer to use reusable containers. Mostly I use reusable BPA free plastic bottles, or steel or aluminum bottles, to take my water with me on the go. Recently I found that there is a market for reusable travel glass bottles.


B63D019C-900A-4AB1-B49D-C1AA6E986F74[18]Faucet Face sent me their Tap is Terrific glass bottle to review. At home we drink filtered tap water because our local water is not that great. On a recent trip to Portland, we were able to drink water straight from the tap and I thought that was amazing! I hope one day to live in a place where I can drink straight from the tap!


Here are just a few reasons why you should drink your tap water from a Faucet Face glass:



Not only does buying a reusable glass bottle save you money and reduce plastic bottles in landfills, but every time you buy a Faucet Face bottle, you are providing clean drinking and bathing water for those in India. In remote areas of India there is no plumbing so many people are drinking contaminated water. For every 5 Faucet Face bottles purchased, proceeds go to buy a Bio Sand Filter.


A BioSand water filter is a simple concrete container. It houses several layers of sand which trap and eliminate sediments, pathogens and other impurities from the water. As the contaminated water travels through the layers of sand, it gets cleaned. The filter is relatively inexpensive to construct, costs nothing to operate and is easy to maintain. Most importantly, they eliminate 90-95%† of impurities from the water.


Isn’t that amazing? You can help bring clean water to India with your purchase and as you can see, it doesn’t take much to make a difference. It comes out that each bottle you buy will provide approximately a minimum of 100 liters of clean water for a family in India. You can buy a Faucet Face bottle online for $15 or if you purchase multiples, you get a better deal.


I love my Tap is Terrific bottle. I love the way that Faucet Face made their bottles with bright colors and clever sayings. The colored caps give them an extra pop too! The bottle is easy to take with me on the go. I can’t wait for people to ask me about my bottle so I can share all about this company and what they do. Not only do they promote drinking tap water, but they also provide clean water for remote areas in India.


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About Brittney Minor

Brittney is the owner/author of Brittleby's Corner. As a mom to 2 kids, she knows the importance of living a simple, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Brittney actively searches for greener ways to live and shares them with her readers.


  1. Kim Pinch says:

    I drink filtered tap water in a BPA free reusable water bottle.

  2. Dorothy Teel says:

    We have well water here and me and my hubby are spoiled we currently have a couple of recycled glass bottles that we use to fill with water I would love to have a Tap is Terrific bottle to use

  3. Ashley F

    We do drink tap water (we have a filter on our faucet) and that has saved us a lot of money and trash. I usually drink water out of glasses at home and we have some reusable water bottles, but no glass ones (would LOVE some to have).

  4. Jessica says:

    I LOVE that it is glass and reusable, I hate wasting plastic!

  5. desiree

    i like the bottle i do not know was the bottle miite break and then i like the colorof them

  6. Casey R says:

    i do drink tap water that i’ve put through my berkey filter :) i drink it in glass cups or stainless steel on the go.


  7. Twitter:

    I definitely drink tap water. I fill up my reusable water bottles with it, or I drink out of a drinking glass.

  8. polly says:

    I don’t drink tap water

  9. Maryann D. says:

    I drink filtered tap water and I do put it in a BPA free or stainless steel container for work.

  10. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I do drink tap water, I don’t waste money on bottle water. My family always drinks of out glass or BPA free to-go cups.

  11. natalie parvis says:

    We drink tap water but we filter it because the tap water here tastes horrid. At least with the filter it doesn’t look as yellow or cloudy.

  12. Jen H says:

    we drink our tap water all the time. its well water so we dont have to worry about fluoride! and we use canning jars or nalgenes


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