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Nothing makes a room stand out more than a beautiful area rug! Most of the time they are placed under tables and seating areas, which means they get heavy traffic. Spills happen and sometimes we can’t get them out with the cleaning supplies we have at home. Seating areas are also heavily trafficed areas in the home, which means that shoes and feet are constantly walking on it. An area rug is meant to beautify an area and when it is looking worn or stained, it doesn’t give the same feeling.


wool rug cleaner manhattan

ABC Rug Cleaning in Manhattan is the perfect place to bring your area rug to be cleaned free of dust, stains, and odors by rug cleaning experts. They offer free evaluation, pick up and delivery! The technician will come to your home to assess the damage and make recommensdations and address cost. The tech can then take the rug back to the factory with them or the owner can arrange a different pick up time. To clean the rugs, they soak them in water and let the dirt, dusts, and odors soak out.Tehy then assess if they need to use a green cleaning product to remove any stains. The typical cleaning time is 5 to 7 working days and when your rug is finished, they will call and arrange for a free delivery.


They also have a rug repair and restoration center. So if your rug is frayed or maybe chewed on by a pet, they can help it look brand new again!


If you live in the Manhattan area and are interested in ABC Rug Cleaning services, get more info here!


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