Natural Vitality ~ Providing Essential Vitamins & Minerals That Everybody Should Be Taking {+ A Recipe}

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At Expo West I met up with Natural Vitality and I am currently promoting them in a Mother’s Day giveaway. They are a vitamin supplement company unlike any other. Their focus is aimed at the inadequacy of the American diet and supplementing the needed vitamins and minerals that everybody needs for a healthy life.


They offer a variety of products including Calm, which is a magnesium supplement. This drink mix is aimed as an anti-stress drink. Calm is made with organic ingredients and comes in four flavors. The best part is that there are many recipes out there turning Calm into a fun drink. Not many people are aware of their magnesium intake, but it is vital to a healthy life. Magnesium supports heart health, stress management, bone health, women’s health, children’s health, athletic performance, and energy production & storage. Magnesium is vital to muscular contraction and monitoring of heart rate & blood pressure.


Here is my Calm recipe:

After a Good Morning Run Calm Drink Recipe

After a Good Morning Run Calm Drink Recipe

8 fl. oz. coconut water

1-2 tsp. Calm in the flavor of your choice {I used Cherry}

4 oz. orange juice

Just mix it all together!

I thought this drink was delicious! After my morning runs, I am always looking for a way to replace electrolytes, hence where the coconut water comes in. The added Calm incorporates much needed magnesium that has many benefits. The fresh OJ just blends it together and it tastes so yummy! There are many combinations of drinks you can make with Calm, so come up with your own today.


I was also sent the Natural Kids Calm Multi. I made a smoothie for my kids with it and I will share the recipe tomorrow. I was also sent the Plant Sourced Minerals. This is part of their plant sourced Foodiceuticals line and is purified-water extraction of soluble plant-derived minerals. The Plant Sourced Minerals provides more than 70 plant-based, small particle, bioavailable life-sustaining trace minerals! WOW! I am just glad it tastes good. It comes in a Green Apple flavor that is organic, so you can just mix it with water or juice. I think it would taste great mixed with apple juice since it already tastes like apple, but I have only tried it with water.


The best thing about Natural Vitality products is that you only need a little. Their products aren’t watered down!


You can buy all these Natural Vitality Products and more online.


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Brittney is the owner/author of Brittleby's Corner. As a mom to 2 kids, she knows the importance of living a simple, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Brittney actively searches for greener ways to live and shares them with her readers.


  1. Brynna says:

    This sounds great! I actually take magnesium vitamins, because I know I need more in my diet ((I get muscle cramps), but this sounds better than just taking a pill!

  2. Georgia Beckman

    I would get the natural calm anti stress (30 packets unflavored), the vitamin B & C Complex & the Energy28.

  3. natalie parvis says:

    This stuff looks really different and great. I’d love to try this at home.

  4. Tracy M says:

    I would love to try the Natural Kids calm nutri!

  5. Jaime says:

    I would get the Natural Calm Organic in Cherry and the Kids Natural Calm Multi.

  6. Dorothy Turner

    I would definitely get the Energy28 30oz Bottle and maybe the Kids supplement as well.

  7. Kathleen says:

    I could sure use a supplement that reduces stress and makes me feel calm. However, I have SO MANY allergies, that I would worry about if there was some ingredient in it that I would “react” to. You did a nice job with the post though and I appreciate the information. Thanks! =)

  8. Maryann D. says:

    I would probably buy Natural Calm Organic Cherry 8oz, I could really use this! Also, Organic Life Vitamins and VITALITY B Complex and VITALITY C Complex.

  9. Kelly A. Tanner

    I would like to try their Plant-Sourced MINERALS.

  10. gala says:

    I may get Balanced CalMag Organic Raspberry Lemon 8oz

  11. Michelle Knopp

    I would get the balanced CalMag in Raspberry and Lemon.


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