SmartKlean Non-Detergent Laundry Ball

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Laundry is a part of everyones life and there is no way to get out of doing it! The only question is, what detergent should I use? There are so many detergents out there on the market, but the reality is that many detergents found in the laundry aisle contain harmful chemicals, dyes, and ingredients you can’t even pronounce! I came across SmartKlean last year through a blog post and was really impressed! I later came across it through a daily deal site and decided to give it a try.


SmartKlean is a non-detergent laundry ball! It is filled with 4 different kinds of ceramic bead, comprising of different minerals to perform different functions. When the beads come into contact with the water, they form oxygenated water. This means that the water molecules are fragmented into smaller sizes, which increase the water’s dissolution power and enables better penetration into the fabric, which releases dirt, grime and odors!


Sounds pretty cool, huh?


The SmartKlean laundry ball is safe to use on all fabric types as well as colors and whites! The laundry ball has no fragrance, therefore your laundry will come out smelling neutral after every wash but if you want a fragrance you can add pure essential oils to the wash (by adding a few drops to a cup of water and pouring it into the soap dispenser before or during the wash cycle). SmartKelan will clean on its own, but it can be used along with other detergents, preferably natural and organic ones. Adding Borax to SmartKlean or any other washing booster will just aid in the cleaning of the laundry.



The SmartKlean laundry ball is composed of:

Far-InfraredFar Infrared Ball Breaks the water molecules into small clusters (groups) and increases their molecular motion, penetration force and washing power. It radiates negative ions to weaken the surface tension of the water allowing the dirt to be easily removed.
Alkali Ball Naturally reduces acidity in water by removing calcium and magnesium, therefore increasing the water’s PH similar to the level of laundry soaps or detergents. Also helps to remove oil and dirt from clothing.
Anti-microbial Ball Eliminates mold and pathogenic organisms. One of the ingredients of this component is nano-structured silver (silver nitrate), which is very effective in killing and preventing bacteria and infections. Some studies suggest that bacteria do not develop resistance to nano-silver nearly as quickly as they do to silver nitrate.
Chlorine-removal Ball Eliminates the chlorine compound in the water protecting the fabrics from oxidation. Also slackens the water surface tension; boosting the cleaning strength of the ball.
Magnets Placed on the two opposite (inner) ends of the laundry ball, this component softens the water tension by minimizing the cluster (size) of the water molecules and increases dissolved oxygen in the water. Also helps to decompose impurities and odors in the washing drum.
Enclosure The plastic exterior of the laundry ball is composed of environmentally-friendly thermoplastic elastomer free of BPA and PVC. Its shape and weight is designed to create agitation in order to beat dirt and grime off clothing during the wash cycle, somewhat similar to the old way of cleaning laundry before washing machines were invented!



To use your laundry ball only fill your washer to 3/4 full and then place the laundry ball on top, this allows the ball to freely travel through the laundry. The laundry ball does not need to be removed in between washes and can be left inside, ready to go for your next load. To maintain the effectiveness of the laundry ball, place it in the sun for a couple of hours after every 30 washes (the sunlight removes the moisture content of the ceramics).


When you use the SmartKlean laundry ball, you will be saving money in the long run! There is no need to buy any other detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets. Also, since no suds are produced in the wash, no rinse cycle is needed, saving you tons money! SmartKlean is not a stain remover! It will remove light/new stains, but it won’t remove stubborn stains. Just as detergent, it is designed to wash regular day to day laundry. You can pre-treat clothes with stain remover if you wish!
People Friendly (Health Benefits)
• Effectively cleans fabrics with 100% non-toxic, mineral-based ceramics
• Leaves zero chemical residues behind on fabrics.
Removes chlorine from wash water preventing its residues on clothing.
• Excellent for babies and children. Tested and approved on cloth diapers.
• Ideal for those with eczema, allergies and other serious skin ailments.
Ingredients completely free of harmful chemicals.
Did you know? 
  • 2% of a garment’s weight comes from laundry detergent residue.
  • Laundry detergents are not soap.
  • ’Eco-friendly’ laundry detergents may contain harsh chemicals.
Earth Friendly

• Leaves zero traces of chemicals in our aquatic ecosystems.
• Its extensive lifespan significantly reduces packaging waste.
• Can conserve -literally- TONS of water
• Conserves energy as there is no rinse cycle or hot water required.


Still have more questions? Go HERE to read some more faqs! When purchasing, beware that there are imitation laundry balls out there claiming to be SmartKlean! SmartKlean laundry balls can only be bought on their website. One laundry ball is $50 shipped, two are $90 shipped and if you purchase 3 or more each ball is $45 and you get free shipping!


Overall, SmartKlean is a smart choice! I recommend this laundry ball to anyone who is looking for a “detergent” that will clean their clothes and not leave behind any harmful chemicals or residue! This ball will also save you money over time, so it is worth the initial investment!


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UPDATE: Interested in purchasing a SmartKlean Laundry Ball? Now you can get free shipping just for shopping through my special link! This offer is not accessible through SmartKlean’s website! You can also access free shipping by clicking on the pink SmartKlean button which can be found on the right side of my blog. This deal is for everyone, not just me readers, but the only way to access the deal is through my link! If you get a laundry ball, let me know what you think!!


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    These would make life so much easier, and they're so eco-friendly! Lori Davis

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    I have never used a laundry ball… how nice that they remove chlorine that fades and damages your clothes!

  3. Amanda says:

    What a cool invention! This not only saves on detergent but saves on the waste from the bottles the detergent comes in. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. says:

    We have been having issues with reactions to laundry detergent lately. I have been looking for different products especially those which are more environmentally friendly.

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    i would love this to save on money..good detergents are so expensive.



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