Green Your Baby with Wildwood SoapWorks Baby Kjell Set

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Did you all read my introduction to Wildwood SoapWorks post? To summarize, Wildwood SoapWorks is a small company dedicated to creating top quality products with the best quality organic ingredients. Wildwood SoapWorks carries soap bars, bath teas, balms, oils, and more!


This week I am featuring their baby products! This includes Baby Kjell’s Baby Balm, Baby Kjell’s Baby Oil, Baby Kjell’s Baby Powder, and Baby Kjell’s Calendula Baby Bar. All their baby products are made with food grade ingredients, which means that there is never a concern that your child will get sick if they happen to put their hand in their mouth after using the products. And since these products are made from quality ingredients, they can be used by anyone of any age!


The Baby Kjell’s Baby Balm (valued at $14.95) can be used for diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, bites, red patches and more! This is a all solution product!  
Various herbs are infused into certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Then therapeutic grade rosewood essential oil is added to complete this natural cure-all. From our hands to yours, give your child what we would give ours…skincare as nature intended!



The Baby Kjell’s Baby Oil (valued at $9.95) is great for rubbing all over your baby.  
We start with chamomile-infused, certified organic extra virgin olive oil and add a generous amount of high altitude Bulgarian lavender essential oil. Olive all has long been known to smooth, soften, and nourish the skin. The lavender will soothe and relax your little one helping you in the process.




The Baby Kjell’s Baby Powder(valued at $14.95) is one of a kind! There is no talc or cornstarch!


Made with the finest of natural herbs and essential oils, the base is a food grade bentonite clay which both soothes the skin and absorbs unwanted moisture. 




The Baby Kjell’s Calendula Baby Bar (valued at $7.95) is the perfect soap bar for your little one.


Made from 96% certified organic extra virgin olive oil and infused with calendula, this bar is as soft, gentle, and emoliating as it comes! Give your child the best of what handmade and natural have to offer. Perfectly safe for the little ones who are hyper-sensitive to the commercial and not-so-natural soaps, you will delight in the smooth creaminess of this rare treasure.


I have used the balm on my daughter as a diaper rash ointment. This tin will go a long way! I also plan on using this on her arms, she has very sensitive skin! I have also used the baby powder on my daughter’s bottom, she gets red really easily. The powder has helped to keep her dry and without rash! I even put it on her when she is wearing her training pants. I was able to use the calendula bar on my both of my kids! The bar smells great and is very moisturizing! I haven’t tried the baby oil yet, but I have heard that it is amazing and a must have!



Overall, I love all the Wildwood SoapWorks baby products! They smell great and I love that they are made with organic ingredients! I feel at ease knowing that I am putting the best on my kids! I am confident that you will be satisfied with these baby products and your mind will also be at ease because you know that you are using the best ingredients on your child’s skin!


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