Ring Around the Rosie

I taught the kids how to hold hands and turn while they sing Ring Around the Rosies yesterday! They love falling down the most!!! I love hearing them laugh as they do this! Chloe starts laughing just when they start holding hands! I love that they cannot contain their happiness and joy. I love my kids and their beautiful personalities!

Bullet Proof

Who remembers the song “Bullet Proof” by La Roux? Well, Ben does! When this song first came out, they played it all the time on the radio. Ben apparently liked it because it’s the first song he sang along too! I loved listening to him sing “eullet eroof” while he bopped his head up and down! Recently the song was played on the radio and it brought all those memories back. I told Ben that this was the first song he sang along to. For days he kept asking me to play the song, but I didn’t have it, so I bought it for 70 cents on amazon. It has become a ritual to listen to it about 5 times…a day!!!! Chloe and Ben love dancing to it. Maybe soon I will capture video of them dancing and singing to it. :)


Ben’s going through a name phase where everything he names, is named “Tweety”! I don’t know where he got this from, but EVERYTHING is named “Tweety”.  We’ve had conversations about babies, dogs, dolls, and random others things you can name and they are all the same! The other day we were playing cars and he named his car respectively, then he named my car “Flin” and Chloe’s car “Tutu”…I don’t know where he’s getting these names, but’s its pretty funny. Maybe we’ll wait on getting a cat, because I really don’t want to call it Tweety! :)

A Truely Vegan Diet!

Almost three weeks ago I embarked on a diet adventure: my food now consists of ONLY veggies, fruit and beans (and oil/vinegar dressing for salad)! It’s been difficult to say the least. I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but ultimately I feel really encouraged that I have made it this long and am actually going to stick with it. I think its about that time that I slowly start adding a couple of different things to my diet, but it will still stay mostly veggies and fruit. Along with this diet I have started drinking veggie juice that I make myself! The taste has grown on me and I actually prefer the green veggies (w/apple) as opposed to other sweeter veggies. I am learning self control and especially since I technically can’t eat desserts! I’m also reading a book on detoxing and juicing and I find it very interesting. We are surrounded by toxins constantly and by simply juicing vegetables and you can cleanse your body from these toxins! I am still reading but I will share more as I go!

Finding time to blog!

So I am not so good at this! It’s been a while since I posted something…why is it so hard to stay on top of this! I always think of things to post, but never get around to posting! So I will start…tomorrow! And I will start putting up more pictures!