Off to a good morning!

This morning  Ben came in my room while I was still in bed. I asked Ben to go see if Chloe was awake because I could hear her and I wanted him to give me a couple more minutes! He opens her door and says “You awake Chloe” and very seriously I hear Chloe say “I not awake”! So Ben closes the the door and comes to tell me that Chloe is not awake!!!!  I couldn’t help but smile and then I had to get out of bed! He was being serious because a little later we opened Chloe’s door and she was standing in her crib and Ben said, “Oh, she is awake”!
Then Ben picked out his own clothes, which to not match at all…but you have to give him credit because his shirt has green in it and therefore you understand why he wanted green shorts :). He proceeded to put his shirt on backwards and his underwear on backwards AND inside out!

So many smiles this morning and its still so early!

Kids say the darndest things!

As a somewhat normal person, there are many phrases I thought I would never say! But now that I am a parent, I find myself saying the oddest things, of course, this is all in response to my kids! Just the other day I had to tell both Ben and Chloe that crayons do not go in their eyes! This is a daily occurrence! I think it will be fun to share all the crazy things my kids say/do and my responses to them!

Just now Ben asked if it was Oscar on my shirt (a shirt I sleep in) and I proceeded to tell him how I bought this big shirt when I was pregnant with him and that is why it is so big. He responds with “you bought it at a yard sale”! Gotta love that my kid knows I am a bargain shopper through and through, but no my shirt was not bought at a yard sale (rather the clearance section at Kohls, cause lets be honest, I did not buy as Oscar the Grouch Christmas shirt to wear in public!!!)



I have a sewing machine, but I have not conquered the sewing world! I see adorable patterns all the time and I think “If only I could sew, then I could make Chloe that beautiful dress” cause lets face it, if I couls sew I would be making lots of dresses!!!! I stumbled upon a blog featuring a pattern giveaway…for a dress of course! I think these dresses are absolutely adorable! Hope I win so I can be motivated to dig out my sewing machine.


Check it out:

Bedtime Songs

Ben has a new routine a night. We put the kids down around 7:30 but we let Ben stay up and read in his bed till 8. When he’s ready for bed, he has Ryan and I come upstairs and sing to him. Ryan always sings the song he made up for Ben and has been singing him since he was little. I didn’t even know about this song until Ben sang it to me a couple of weeks ago. He sings it now all the time :). Then he has me (and sometimes Ry too) sing the ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle, and the Thomas theme song. The best part is that he sings along with both of us. Ben has so much personality and loves to goof off. So when he sings during the day he makes up words to add to these songs, but at night, he sings them perfectly! I love doing this and I look forward to our nightly ritual!