Oh Children!

Ben and Chloe are at the age where they just argue all day…about nothing! One says something and then the other says “NO” then the other replies “YES” and it just keeps going back and forth! Yesterday was a loooooong day of arguing! After their nap I let them out in the backyard and they were being so kind to each other. They actually both squeezed into their toy car and Ben was driving Chloe around…it was so cute. I wanted to take a picture but at the same time I didn’t want to ruin the moment! It’s amazing how a switch can flip and one minute they can be yelling/hitting each other and the next they are saying “please” and “thank you” and playing nicely together. This motherhood thing is crazy and requires lots of patience…and a little wine :)

Patchwork Indie Craft Fair

Yesterday Ry and I went with our best friends to Long Beach to go to the Patchwork Indie Craft Fair! I love this craft fair! I always have a great time and leave with goodies! There are tons of vendors and always amazing sweet samples and good food. I got three pairs of earrings, some natural/organic finger paint for the kids, a small ceramic owl and handmade soap! I really want to go again in 2 weeks when it will be in Santa Ana!!!


Finding time to blog is hard! There are so many other things to do in a day! But I am going to try harder and keep at it! I will blame the sickness in my house! 😉