Mia Mariu Mineral Makeup ~ Create Your Perfect Canvas {+ a giveaway} Ends 8/2


I have been using powdered mineral make up for years now, and I can’t imagine trying anything different! The loose powder gives me the coverage I need. I recently learned that Mia Mariu has 3 products that you can use together in order to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Learn how to Create Your Perfect Canvas with Mia Mariu!


Mia Mariu uses minerals in all their products. That leaves a lightweight, long-lasting, non-pore blocking, breathable foundations. Mia Mariu also a large line of shades, so you can create your perfect look. Along with sun protection, these products are gentle for sensitive skin. Every Mia Mariu product uses the highest quality botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and peptides.




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Huge Blobbits {Giveaway} 10 Winners! Ends 8/21



Brittleby’s Corner and all my favorite blogger buddies, along with the amazing people at Blobbits.com invite you to enter for a chance to win a Blobbits Deluxe Kit valued at $24.00 from Blobbits! A Huge thank you to our sponsors at blobbits.com for making this sweepstakes possible!


It’s time to have some blobbin’ fun with Blobbits. People search it as Blobits & Blobit as well. This intergalactic stretchable, glow-in-the-dark, moldable, silicone-based compound is ideal for kids who thrive on being hands-on with their creativity and imagination.


Blobbits can be formed into any shape and come with face and body parts to give them personality and a scare factor. See your creations glow-in-the-dark when you dim the lights and after awhile the monsters melt down into a blob so you can build them over and over again so the fun never ends. Best of all, kids can roll their Blobbits up into a ball and give it a bounce or two for fun before creating a whole new monster.


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Summer Heat {Giveaway Hop} Ends 7/31


 photo summer-heat-giveaway-hop-250_zps20ae8516.jpg

Welcome to the
Summer Heat Giveaway Hop


We are in mid-summer and enjoying the heat. How about you? In celebration of Summer, some blogs have joined otgether to bring you the Summer Heat Giveaway Hop. From July 21-21, 2014, you can visit all the blogs on the linky list below and enter to win all their prizes!


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Kindle Fire HD {Giveaway} Ends 8/21


Welcome to the Kindle Fire HD Giveaway!

Hosted by Conservamom

Sponsored by Sprinkles Media


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Reflexion Yoga ~ An Online Membership for Yoga at Home, At Your Pace


I have been wanting to start yoga for years. I see the benefits of doing yoga and I know that I could benefit from it. When I saw that I could do Yoga at home, at my own pace, and choose from a variety of “classes”, I was all in.




Reflexion Yoga is an online membership where members can filter through their video library to sort by Instructor, Class Length, Difficulty Level, and Body Focus. The videos are clearly labeled and you can start as a brand new beginner and learn basic poses or you can get in a 60 minute power yoga class.




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Simply Natural Saturdays Link- Up 7/19

Simply Natural Saturdays



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Nordic Naturals Omega and Vitamin C Supplements for Kids {+ a giveaway} Ends 7/31


My kids look forward to taking their vitamins every morning and will complain when I forget to pass them out! One company I have had the pleasure of working with when it comes to supplements, is Nordic Naturals. Nordic Naturals is a trusted company for their omega supplements for adults, children, and pets. Their line of supplements is full of variety and there is a specific supplement for everyone.


Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Junior & Vitamin C Gummies


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Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent in a Concentrated Liquid Form


At my apartment complex we have a community laundry room. Most days I am in there, I see people using chemical laden laundry detergents. I have been using natural products for years, so the strong fake scents make my stomach churn. When I had my own laundry room, I didn’t have to deal with those smells because my detergents were natural and if they were scented, it was with essential oils, which weren’t overbearing. I can’t make everyone else use natural detergents, but I can use them.




What I use to wash my clothes in, matters! I choose cleaning products that are naturally based and don’t leave behind residue. I look for unscented and toxic free products. I have tried soap nuts before and found them effective, but since I don’t have my own laundry room, they are not as convenient to use. I used to leave the bag of soap nuts in the laundry basin so I could reuse them. Now that I trek my stuff back and forth to the laundry room, I look for convenient laundry products.


Soap Nuts Liquid for Soft Laundry


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Noodle Neck {Giveaway} Ends 7/31


Cardiff - Noodle Neck Giveaway 2

The Cardiff Products Noodle Neck Giveaway is here! This exciting giveaway is to showcase innovative products that make travel and everyday life easier for kids and parents.


  • 33 amazing brands have come together to give you a chance to win these awesome products!
  • Everyone who enters the giveaway will receive something special after the giveaway as a thank you.
  • Giveaway will run from July 15th through July 31st.
  • Entering is easy and can be done below via our Rafflecopter.


Below the entry widget are all the prizes! Check them out! We also encourage you to check out our sponsors who have amazing blogs you should follow.


**EARN BONUS POINTS by submitting a noodle neck photo – unlock this way to enter by liking all the brands’ Facebook pages**


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Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress {Giveaway} Ends 8/6



Welcome to the Lullaby Earth Two Step Crib Mattress Giveaway event

Sponsored by : Baby Tots Den

Hosted by : Conservamom


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