Choose to be Naturally Beautiful ~ February Natural Living {Blog Carnival}

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Welcome to the February 2014 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Naturally Beautiful.


This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and Crunchy Farm Baby through the Green Moms Network. This month, our members are talking about skincare and other personal care products. You’ll find a variety of posts about choosing natural beauty products and even tutorials on how to make some of your own! Be sure to read all of the posts listed at the bottom of mine to learn how to keep your beauty routine safe and natural.



Natural Beauty

Living a natural lifestyle has intersected all parts of my life, especially my beauty routine. My makeup and skincare line  is natural and chemical free. I also recently stopped highlighting my hair! Making your beauty routine more natural takes time. I want to offer some simple tips to help you start greening your beauty routine.


Read Ingredient Lists

First you need to identify what is in the products you are using. Do you see long words with paraben in them? Parabens are synthetically produced chemicals that act like preservatives. The problem is that parabens are related to allergies as well as skin irritation and possibly linked to cancer. I encourage you to check out the EWG Skindeep Database to check out your current beauty products and find out about new ones. If you are curious about an ingredient, then look it up. Find out what you are putting on skin. Also, check for dyes and fragrances. These are man made, synthetic products.


Start Small

If you find that some of the products you are using are not the best for your health, start weeding them out of your routine. Does this mean you have to throw everything out? No, not unless you really want to. Start small. Pick one product you want to replace and research brands to figure out what you will buy to replace these products when they run out.


Here are some of my favorite natural beauty companies:

Honeybee Holistics


Moody Sisters

The Hippy Homemaker


Chemicals should not be apart of your daily beauty routine! Your skin is the largest organ. Whatever you put on it, will be absorbed into the body. There is not concrete evidence that every single ingredient found in beauty products will be detrimental to your health, I think it is better to be safe than sorry.  I choose to use simple and natural products.


Do you have a beauty product you want to replace with a more natural alternative?


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About Brittney Minor

Brittney is the owner/author of Brittleby's Corner. As a mom to 2 kids, she knows the importance of living a simple, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Brittney actively searches for greener ways to live and shares them with her readers.


  1. Randi S says:

    I love the advice to start small…sometimes it seems like it should be all or nothing and it has to be right now…very overwhelming for sure. I did the same with my cleaning supplies- started phasing them out slowly with more natural replacements…much easier this way.
    I would certainly love to find a more natural shampoo option…I have stopped coloring my hair (though I’ll admit I’m often tempted to go back- I loved my lighter blond more than my natural ‘dirty’ blond) and have always washed my hair only every few days, but it’d be great to find a natural, inexpensive shampoo that worked well for me!!
    Randi S recently posted..Naturally Beautiful with a (Super) Easy DIY Sugar ScrubMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      What a great post! I think we can combine both key thoughts mentioned, “start small” and “read ingredient lists”.
      Essentially, a small step would be to simply pick one product in your home (shampoo, deodorant, and etc.), look at the ingredients label, pick one of those ingredients and conduct a search on the web to define the ingredient. You’ll discover that most of these ingredients are filled with harmful chemicals, especially in shampoo products. Randi, you can find a great resource about organic and natural shampoo products using this shampoo guide, which has helped me tremendously. Once you start making these little discoveries, it will help you move closer to switching over to more natural and organic products.

  2. Chrystal

    Baby steps are definitely key when switching to a more natural lifestyle! I started switching my personal care and beauty products over when I got pregnant in 2007. I think we are now completely natural and I’m ready do switch to more DIY versions now.
    Chrystal recently posted..5 Kids Activities Inspired by The Lorax by Dr. SeussMy Profile

  3. I agree, baby steps are really important. It’s really overwhelming (and expensive) to do everything at once!
    Brittany Thomas recently posted..Color Enhancing Hair SprayMy Profile

  4. Jaye Anne says:

    It can be really easy to see all the horrible things that are true about beauty products and then get completely bowled over. Then the Mama promptly hides in her bed, never to shower or bathe her kids again. Some people are led to throw everything out and replace it with coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda. Some people need to do it gradually. It’s important to know that both options are okay as long as there are no health complications already. Thank you for reminding us of this!
    Jaye Anne recently posted..Noticing THIS Improved my Periods! Could it Work for You?My Profile

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