TriLight Review and Sponsor Spotlight #EarthDay

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Fast Acting – Great Tasting
Liquid Herbal Formulas
From Our Family To Yours 
Since 1991

Vitamins are so important to our bodies! They can be found in many of the fruits and vegetables we eat. But sometimes our bodies need an added boost when we are not feeling well! TriLight Health is a company dedicated to creating liquid herbal products that taste great and are non-alcoholic. They feature a three stage Liquid Light Process.

1. First, a 14 day cold extraction process. In this stage the herbs are never heated before being extracted and set aside. 

2. The second stage uses extremely low heat and low pressure to capture the natural volatile oils, vitamins and minerals intact within the Glycerine.

3. Finally, the Organic Zinc and other essential active ingredients are cold-pressed out with 6 tons of pressure, preserving the plant’s natural colloidal delivery system and dramatically increasing the body assimilation rate up to 98%! (versus 6-42% for capsules or tablets)

I was sent Sinus Minus to try out! My husband and I both suffer from sinus infections from time to time, so I thought this would help us out! When I got it, I was afraid to try it…it didn’t smell like it would taste good! I was delightfully surprised though, because it wasn’t that bad! It wasn’t amazing but it tasted okay for being a natural liquid vitamin/medicine! Ironically, I received this product right when I was starting to feel a sinus infection / cold coming on! I took it right away and the congestion I was feeling disappeared! I am still congested but when I take Sinus Minus, it alleviates my symptoms!

Sinus Minus was formulated at TriLight Health to address the specific needs of sinuses and lungs during sinus or bronchial infection, allergies or during the last stages of colds and flu. This is often a time of persistent congestion, when mucus build-up needs to be penetrated and loosened. Specific herbs were selected to help dry up and expel excess mucus, others were included to help heal and soothe infected membranes. Echinacea Angustifolia and Goldenseal Root were also added for support to immune function. Sinus Minus has also been used successfully with asthma and hayfever symptoms.

TriLight offers savings to their customers through signing up for their newsletter, Free Shipping, Tri Packs, Rewards Points Program, and their product size.

The Bigger the Bottle, the Bigger the $avings!

Cost Per Ounce Bottle Comparison:
 2 oz at $12.95 is: $6.47 per ounce
 8 oz at $39.95 is: $4.99 per ounce
32 oz at $119.95 is:
$3.75 per ounce!

Overall, I am really impressed with TriLight Health’s products! I would love to try out their different products because they have something for almost any ailment! I recommend TriLight for anyone that is looking for a more natural way to alleviate sickness and maintain health!

Connect with TriLight Health

Come back on April 12 to enter to win your choice of any item from their bestsellers page worth $39 at TriLight Health! Interested in getting an early entry for the Earth Day Event Giveaway Hop (#EarthDay)? Visit TriLight Health and leave a blog post comment below telling me what you would pick if you won!

Thank you to TriLight Health for providing the products mentioned in this post for review. Although I received these products at no charge, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

About Brittney Minor

Brittney is the owner/author of Brittleby's Corner. As a mom to 2 kids, she knows the importance of living a simple, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Brittney actively searches for greener ways to live and shares them with her readers.


  1. I could really use this for cold and flu season! Lori Davis

  2. Chrystal says:

    I'd get the Scout Out – Ear Infections, Colds, Flu, Coughing, Bronchitis, Respiratory, Fever, Congestion.

  3. polly says:

    i like the children's cough syrup

  4. librarypat says:

    Since sinus problems have plagued me for years, I would definitely try the Sinus Minus. I dislike going on heavy medication and if I can prevent it turing into an infection, that is what I prefer.

  5. monicaandrew says:

    i can not swallow pills and i love that these products are liquid.

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